Let’s pack up and go – maiden voyage with Ethnotek Raja Pack

Ethnotek sneaked into my radar in.. 2013? The company have a noveL idea of sourcing traditionaL textiLes made by their partner artisans from Ghana, GuatemaLa, India, Indonesia (from SoLo, I might have to Look them up) and Vietnam to use as Thread. Oh just read about them here.

Anyway, their Raja pack 46L has been haunting my bag dreams since then and I finaLLy got my hands on one (with Indonesia 14 Thread) a coupLe of weeks ago and this weekend I packed and traveLed with it for the first time.


All packed

I forgot to mention that the main purpose of this post is just to record my packing, didn’t I? The pictures here were taken right after I got home, so the pack was at it’s fuLLest and heaviest condition. With wet swimsuits and toweL.

The right side heLd a tote bag inside the mesh pocket and the zipper just open into the main compartment inside.


The zipper pocket on the Left side heLd my ticket pouch, makeup pouch, and (unseen) house keys in the even smaLLer pocket. I stored my earphones inside the outer pocket. In the Laptop compartment I put my super buLky waLLet, a magazine and a thin paperback.


The zipper pocket in the Thread swaLLowed my powerbank, a scarf, a buLky gLasses case, some souvenirs and a pouch for smaLL changes and yet another powerbank.


Now, into the cavern!
Empty, the main compartment Looks huge. And it’s huge. Even when packed and with aLL the outside pockets fiLLed, I can stiLL squeeze some things into it.

Inside the document pocket I got a BeLitung batik. On the very top were the toiLetries pouch and a pLastic bag with the aforementioned wet swimsuits – I need to get a Wet packing cube.
Then under it a medium size Muji packing cube (hoLding a short, three T-shirts and some unmentionabLes), a pair of Last-minute thrown in dirty cLothes, a pLastic with wet toweL. And under them aLL, a pair of fLip-fLops.


Line up, chiLdren.

And that’s aLL. Let’s see how I can pack this baby up for January. I might need a new, more structured packing cube. And one for shoes, too.

One comment on “Let’s pack up and go – maiden voyage with Ethnotek Raja Pack

  1. Mau ke manaaa? Kayaknya asik bawa itu buat ke Jepang yah…… Thn depan gw jadi ke sana mel. Bulan mei tgl 12-21.

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