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ALso, I hope I wiLL not offend anyone from any countries on this Earth. This post is a soLid proof that I’ve wasted too much times watching footages of RPGs and reading fanfictions.

I can count the years I’ve been in WordPress by Looking at the Miss Universe NationaL Costume posts in this bLog. It’s been three years. And during these three years, I’m convinced there are Lots marveLous beings existing in this universe, Like..

MythicaL creatures!

The good-spirited Barong of BaLi, Indonesia

Dlisted | Indonesia:

Um. Okay. I kind of Like this Barong-inspired costume. Not as bad as the Last three years’ costumes. The onLy hiccup was the white Leggings.

I stiLL think that Indonesia shouLd do away with these carnivaL costumes ASAP.

The fiery nymph of AngoLa

Miss Angola:

Love the coLors (of course) I reaLLy want to see this costumed used in a baLLet or dance performance.

Nicaragua’s ice queen


If FinaL Fantasy designers decided to bLing up Shiva’s appearance, they couLd stick this costume to their inspiration board.

The Cayman IsLands’ coraL reef guardian

Cayman IsLands:

The goLden butterfLy fairy of Russia



NobLe queens and princesses


Dlisted | Kosovo:

The mysterious bLack baroness from New ZeaLand

Dlisted | Miss New Zealand:

The cLassic beauty that is the PhiLippine’s princess

Dlisted | PhiLippines:


The White Lady of Greece

Dlisted | missgreece2015:

The eLegant Lady from Vietnam

Dlisted | missvietnam2015:

And the regaL, fierce queen of South Africa

Dlisted | misssouthafrica2015:

What eLse? The pretty pheasants and country girLs in their ceLebratory getups are aLso worth to be highLighted!

This maiden from Ukraine is ceLebrating the country’s good harvest.

Dlisted | Miss Ukraine:

This Looks pretty simiLar to 2013 costume, but stiLL so pretty~~

This SLovak RepubLic girL wiLL sureLy be the beLLe of the baLL in her royaL bLue garb

Dlisted | missslovakrepublic2015:

But the young miss from Croatia wiLL put up some competition for the spotLight.

Miss Croatia:


PLus the girL from Japan is sureLy a standout.

Miss Japan:

This Lass from Montenegro didn’t Look Like she has much ceLebratory mood, though..

Miss Montenegro:

.. A shame, reaLLy, because even though her garb is much simpLer than the other girLs, it’s stiLL reaLLy pretty.

And what wouLd the society be without the spirituaL guidance of the chosen ones?

No words are as duaL-meaning as the ones coming from Spain’s High Inquisitor.

Dlisted | Spain:

SeriousLy, can anyone teLL me the story behind this costume?

The Gods’ VesseL from VenezueLa is preaching it.

Dlisted | Guatemala:

The guardian of Honduras’ secret Temple of The Dead weLcomes you to the.. worLd of the dead


I hope the higher-ups in PoLand are not pLanning anything bad for this novice acoLyte..

Dlisted Poland:

But of course no universe wouLd be compLete without festive scarLet birds

The Panama native is the hardest to tame. No wonder, it’s trying to protect it’s magnificent, beautifuL feathers.

Dlisted | Panama:

The one from VenezueLa is friendLier to strangers

Dlisted | Venezuela:

But beware of the one from the Dominican RepubLic, her songs couLd make you dance untiL your feet run away from your body.

Dlisted | spl1198441_008:

And I think that’s it.. Oh wait! Look! A transformer tuk-tuk!

Dlisted | wenn23293942:


The universe is fuLL of amazing beings, indeed.


4 comments on “Among other things

  1. The tuk tuk is…….. I dunno. +_+

  2. tinopii says:

    Is that a beard I see on Spain?! Anyway, i like Slovak’s, can I have it for myself?

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