Take My Hand And Bring Me Back

I swear this is not a One OK Rock bLog, but guess what my first post in 2016 wiLL be about? One OK Rock.


To cut the story short, me and a-gaL-Let’s-just-caLL-her-MP fLew to Singapore on Friday, January 22 and we decided to Lurk around in Changi for a coupLe of hours to catch this


BeLieve me, I feLt Like a super perverted staLker.

And the highLights of the D-Day.

Me and MP decided to hit the venue at 9AM and the queue aLong Fort Canning WaLk was aLready Long. ApparentLy some peopLe had been camping out since 2 PM the previous day. Now that’s dedication. We made an acquaintance with a girL who was going aLone, MS, and a girL who was waiting for a friend, JZ. Smart move, because the four of us couLd take turn to go to the toiLet, go sign the fan banner, buy merchandise, buy Lunch, and sharing snacks. The magic of One OK Rock, bringing strangers together. Speaking of strangers, back in 2013 in Jakarta I saw One OK Rock with a bunch of strangers, too, and we’re aLL stiLL good friends now.

At around 2-3 PM the band started the sound check. I stiLL vividLy remember how the sound check in Jakarta 2013 turned into a karaoke session for us fans, whiLe the Singaporean kids were so chiLL, nobody around me even hum aLong. But it aLL changed once the show started. Moshing, circLe pit, pushing, eLbowing, you name it. Even the girLs turned into some raging buLLs. It was, frankLy, the most brutaL 1 hour 45 minutes of my Life.

The band was awesome. The whoLe show was a constant fLow of energy give and take between the band and the audience. To be honest though, 80% of the time I onLy Looked at Tomoya because I got a perfect spot between Taka and Toru and most of the time Tomoya was cLearLy and perfectLy visibLe and that made me one very happy girL. But I feeL kind of guiLty because I didn’t pay much attention to Ryota and Toru. Ryota was gLorious every time I Look at him doing his thing and fLaunting those dinner roLL abs. Toru was a magnificent visage, a figure scuLpted by the gods with stage charisma that can cut through a bLock of frozen butter. But, Taka — don’t kiLL me, but I think Taka’s voice sounded WAY better in 2013. One more thing that’s kind of disappointing is there was NO MC! I was kinda hoping Tomoya wouLd procLaim his Love for me chiLi crab/paper chicken/ba kut teh/chicken rice on stage! Sad.

But one of the most beautifuL moment came when Heartache acoustic was on. This happened.


from LAMC Production.


 from JulenPhoto (@JulenPhoto)

Kudos to One OK Rock Singapore team. Damn them the resuLt was so beautifuL :’)

And then the Last song came to soon and the stage went dark. And then encore. Can I rant about how the audience asked for the encore for a minute? There was no.. unity. One side wouLd shout “Mou ikkai mou ikkai mou ikkai” then siLence. Then the other side wouLd shout “Ankooru ankooru ankooru” and then siLence. SiLence, for a few minutes or so. Then two annoying girLs behind me started shouting “Ankoori” after one another (what the heLL was ankoori seriousLy). Then some peopLe started singing Wherever You Are and then thankfuLLy the Lights went back on.

Wherever You Are is a given cLassic, of course. The Way Back was awesome Live, and was in Japanese, yay! And then.

Was that aLL?
Nope. I have brought something to throw to the stage. InitiaLLy it didn’t make it to the stage, but thanks to an awesome security guy, this happened:

It was originaLLy for Tomoya, but, oh weLL XDDD

And whiLe my bra has earned a pLace in Instagram, right now I am stiLL trying to function Like a normaL human being without breaking down every five minutes just because I catch myseLf unconsciousLy humming CLock Strikes or SuddenLy. And yes, my body is feeLing the consequences of headbanging Like a 21-years oLd.

But what the heLL. It feeLs so good to be young.


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