So I went to a two days overnight training out of town. I was typing this on the bus on the way back to Jakarta.
It was a nice break from daiLy office routines.
Met a bunch of new peopLe from other offices, mostLy managers/or in manageriaL path (Me? I’m just a disposabLe staff). They’re nice peopLe. CapabLe peopLe. SociabLe peopLe. Maybe I’m the most introverted, cLosed-off, antisociaL one from the bunch.
They exchanged phone numbers. I don’t have any singLe new numbers added to my contact List.
I’m thinking, when the bus reach it’s Last stop, I’LL just sLip away quietLy and go home. Somehow this thought makes me sad.

SeriousLy, I wasn’t this bad some years ago.

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  1. totoryan says:

    we introverts really have that phase, eh? wanting to be slightly social yet finding it hard in reality.. #hugs

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