Suck it.

So Last week I finaLLy decided to fuLLy go soLo for the upcoming trip. PredictabLy, it caused some riffs with the ex-traveLbuddies-to-be. Again, predictabLy enough, money matters. But the biggest Lesson I’ve Learned from this: never agree to traveL together with a bunch of peopLe you bareLy know, especiaLLy if the thought of sharing a doubLe bed and a bathroom with strangers can make you go hot and coLd.

ALong came other things to be taken care of.

Done List:
I got my visa waiver sticker Last week (right before I teLL the strangers Sayonara).
Accommodations for aLL cities booked.

To Be Done ASAP Hurry Up You Lazy Ass List:
Rent mobiLe wifi.
Buy JR RaiL Pass.
Make a packing List (this is kinda fun, untiL you have to pack for reaL).
FinaLize shopping List.
Exchange currency.
And the hardest of aLL, the mother of aLL headaches – Itineraries.

PLanning itineraries aLL by myseLf is crazy hard because I’m trying to incLude everything I want to do and see without any interferences from other parties into a Limited time sLot. And instead of hearing other peopLe opinions or constructing critics, sometimes I’d hear LittLe voices in my head, Like:
“WiLL I be a bad person if I’m not interested to go to the Peace MemoriaL?”
“You’ve been there twice before, so why shouLd you go again now?”
“I don’t reaLLy Like the goLden tempLe that much (and have seen it twice), but now I want to go there again because Tomoya went there a coupLe of days ago and posted it on his Instagram. How stupid is that?”
“Do you reaLLy have to go that far just to see a 18m robot statue?”
“Is this pLan feasibLe? WiLL I not go crazy and drop dead in the middLe of everything?”

Sometimes I envy the traveLers who can do everything on a whim, not pLanning everything and just see what the day wiLL bring them.

But, to quote BFU (she’s been very quotabLe for the Last two posts): “When you do it by yourseLf, aLL you have to do when something go wrong is just suck it.”
Back to itinerary pLanning I go.

4 comments on “Suck it.

  1. totoryan says:

    Japan? When are you leaving? YAAAAY~ happy traveling! But before that, goodluck with the itinerary hehehe
    I found very helpful when trying to estimate train fares/ train travel time. It has options from budget, speed, number of transfers etc check it out πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Oya, skarang kan udah bisa beli simcard buat hape sini di sana, Amel, untuk traveling solo bisa jadi lebih murah karena klo mobile wi-fi kan agak mahal. Linknya:

    • amadl says:

      Damn, you’re right! DuLu pernah coba pake Jorudan (karena Hyperdia agak dodoL) tapi maLah disuruh sign up premium account & bayar πŸ™„ dan udah terLanjur book mobiLe wifi hahah

      • totoryan says:

        hoo… dulu prasaan ga pake sign up apa2… ahahaa… iiiiiiii asik pengen pergi lagi jugaa #matahatihati #mupeng πŸ˜€ skalian nonton konser sesuatu kah (arashi/ oor, maybe?)

      • amadl says:

        GA BISAAA 😭😭😭 Semua band yang pengen ditonton pada seLesai tur persis sebeLum gwe berangkat atau baru muLai tur abis gwe puLang.. OOR maLah Live di NHK pas tanggaL puLang 😣

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