Pack me up before you go go – AneLLo backpack review(ish)

Last Sunday I suddenLy have to go out of town for a two days-one night trip. The Ethnotek Raja Pack is too BIG for the occassion, pLus it was nabbed by my father who needed “the biggest bag in the house”. So I gameLy packed my stuffs into the newLy arrived AneLLo backpack, Lo and behoLd, they aLL fit.


The foLLowing photos was taken just before we checked out of the hoteL, so it was maximaLLy packed.


The main compartment heLd a medium size Muji packing cube (contained cLothes and undies), toiLettries pouch, a traveL toweL, a fat penciL case under the toiLettries pouch, two new batik fabrics and one new batik pants.
There are smaLL pockets in the main compartment, hidden behind the packing cube, where I put my keys.


The front zippered pocket was whoLLy ruLed by my fat Midori TraveLer’s Notebook. Not that I’d done anything with it during the trip πŸ˜…


The right side pocket heLd a paperback noveL. Which I faiLed yet again to finish. Because sLeep is more important.


Her Mothership sneakiLy stuffed some tissues to the Left side pocket.


Look at how compact it is even with aLL the stuffs mentioned above. Granted, I carry my make-up, cash and cards in the sLingbag, and I did cut back on the skincare items. BUT I did bring too much cLothes πŸ˜… And I ended up stuffing the orange cardigan worn in the photo to the bag too because the airport was so damn hot.

So it is compact, good Looking, and can swaLLow Lot, but is it comfortabLe?
SadLy, no. The shouLder straps are too damn thin, but I guess you can’t expect much from a mainstream high street back. But my main gripe is the one of the buckLe used to adjust the straps Length SLIDES whenever I took the bag off, so one of the stipes wouLd be Longer than the other. In the end, I just set the straps at the Longest setting. As you can see in the Last photo, the bag rested against the middLe of my back to my waist, whiLe I prefer my backpack to rest cLose to my shouLder and upper back. This is probabLy why I was uncomfortabLe with this bag.

But, to end this post with a positive note, Look at how neatLy the AneLLo tucked under the airpLane seat πŸ˜€


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