Tonight you and I wiLL faLL from the sky

This conversation happened hours after One OK Rock’s Taking Off MV was reLeased.

UC >> Well, the video quality has increased somewhat.
Me >> Yeah, compared to the catastrophy that is Last Dance. But the stories are getting weirder and weirder.
UC >> But there’s a lesson we all can learn from the new MV.
Me >> What’s that?
UC >> Do not ever trust any stranger you just met who suddenly kiss you, no matter how handsome or pretty they are.
Me >> LoL.
UC >> Seriously, you wouldn’t want to blow up to pieces just because a stranger kiss you, right? Or even worse, they might turn you to a zombie..
Me >> You know what? I think there is a connection between Last Dance and Taking Off MV.
UC >> What’s that?
Me >> What if that girl was actuaLLy an aLien Left behind by those aLiens in Last Dance? You know, maybe they pLanted her on Earth to.. observe? That’s why she was chased by those gas maskies. Because she was an aLien. She had the power to expLode and destroy, but to activate that power she had to make intimate contact with a human being. Then that poor feLLow drive by.. and boom. Her aLien body dust wouLd get bLown everywhere by the wind, and any human being who made contact with that dust wouLd turn to zombies! That way, it wouLd be easier for the aLiens to conquer Earth!
UC >> Your imagination is surely too active. This is still office hour, right? Aren’t you supposed to be working?
Me >> Well I bet One OK Rock’s next MV wiLL have a zombie concept.
UC >> Yeah, just like how they turn us old fans into zombies wishing them to be good again.

One comment on “Tonight you and I wiLL faLL from the sky

  1. travelfoodandme2016 says:

    I can feel you.. their MTV is such an incredible one..made me go gaga …

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