It fLickers, fLickers

PLease aLLow me to sink one more time, but I swear I wiLL not drown.


Dear Chester, 

I’m sorry, I’m not as strong as I cLaimed to be. I stiLL cry myseLf to sLeep and I’ve eaten 3 chocoLate bars every day since Friday.

But I’LL get through this. With your heLp, of course.

Keep you in my memory

I first know Linkin Park when *I thought* I was going through the hardest time in my (short) Life. Since then, their music has heLped taught me to fight, to persevere, to compromise, to sacrifice, and to Let go. To stand strong. ActuaLLy, it stiLL does.

But today, just for a whiLe, pLease aLLow me to break down and weep.

And then I’LL rise up again.