What I Learned from -touristing- with the parents

  • Be patient.
  • ALways Look out for the washrooms.
  • Be patient.
  • Whatever you think, when they said you’re wrong, just accept that you’re wrong. Your seLf confidence and dignity is not worth it.
  • Be patient.
  • Don’t waLk too fast.
  • Be patient.
  • Meet up with other peopLe if possibLe.
  • .
    • Be patient.
  • 2 comments on “What I Learned from -touristing- with the parents

    1. Yanti says:

      otsukare! after a week-long trip with my parents (and without me), my older sister told me she wouldn’t go on another days-long trip with our parents if I didn’t come along 😂 they’re too tough to handle, too much for her thinning patience since she had to take care of her (at the time) toddler daughter ahahahaha… I get it! Even at home I can only spend so many hours with both of my parents at one sitting. Ahahaha… although I always miss them when I’m away! Family is really a mysterious thing 😆

      • amadl says:

        Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiighttt??? I thought everything was fine untiL day 6 (out of 7!) when it kinda went downhiLL and the sentence “I’d rather not go travel with you again” was thrown to my face.. But stiLL, once we got home my mother suddenLy asked “should we go to A or B next year” and I was Like 😳
        But I think this time it was especiaLLy hard for me because I usuaLLy go there aLone and not having to take care of anyone eLse, and suddenLy having two parents taiLing around was.. too much 😂

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