A few notes on Ennichisai 2013

So I survived Ennichisai 2013 and Let’s just cut the crap and get straight to the point.

First, personaLLy I think this is THE WORST ENNICHISAI EVER. Note the ‘personaL’, because I’ve been performing at the festivaL since the first event so I couLd never put myseLf in a pure visitor’s shoes. And as a performer, being interrupted in the middLe of your performance by another ‘performer’ caused by Lack of coordination and communication between the committees and crews were reaLLy, REALLY insuLting. Dear committees, you wanted us to be there and we’ve been there faithfuLLy, year after year, to Liven up the crowd the way others couLdn’t, yet you took us for granted. If I was the boss, next year you’LL have to beg us. And pay us more.

SecondLy, I think, is a basic thing for Indonesian peopLe’s attitude: They threw trashes everywhere and aLways get in to pLaces they weren’t supposed to get in to. Damn it, peopLe, go back to kindergarten!

Next, I was kind of sick of being known as a mere ‘associated act’ and I was sick of the attitude of some members of our associated act. Know your own pLaces and stands, Pots. Just because we’re outnumbered it doesn’t mean we’LL just take anything from you. Even smaLL dogs bite back, you know.

The good thing is, after reaLizing how annoying the aforementioned Pots are, I reaLized that we had the best kids and crews ever. It was fun to see new friendships (and a bLossoming reLationship) emerged from our togetherness, seeing strangers turning into confidants, seeing a shy butterfLy emerging into a .. most vaLuabLe asset ^^  Yes, some of them can reaLLy grate my nerves sometime, and I may be their biggest buLLy, but I Love them aLL.


Next event.. Back to campus!

Is it aLL about the money?

Iya loh nykp nanyain “au**** g dibayar, capek2 aja dong adek” (•͡_ •͡)

Di atas adaLah sepenggaL tweet dari ‘adik’ gwe di Hyakka Ryouran, tentang komentar nyokapnya about our recent merry trip to Surabaya to bring merriment to Unitomo Yosakoi Matsuri. (Please excuse my excessive use of the word ‘merry’, right now I am quite fond of that merry word.)

Yesterday when I toLd my mother about what a merry trip it was, she asked “So how much did they pay you?”. ActuaLLy, she AND my father occassionaLLy ask that everytime I toLd them I’m going merrymaking with HR.

The thing is, I don’t give a damn how much they pay me personaLLy (gwe cuma peduLi yang penting HR dibayar supaya kita bisa buat kostum baru, and I get to keep pLaying designer for a LittLe whiLe :P) In generaL, I am invoLved with HR not to earn a side income, but to bring a LittLe merriness to my otherwise drab Life, and to be a kind of merrymaker to other peopLe. And yosakoi is quite a merry exercise.

And even though I have to spend quite a sum of money, I didn’t regret going on this trip. I get to know some of the HR kids better, debuted a new choreography and new Love Labor (costume), gained some new contacts, spread the merry awesomeness of HR, and most important of aLL, had Loads of merry fun.

Picture (and the merry event report) from here