I’ve been toLd by my parents that I’m not gratefuL enough.

And sometimes I don’t know what to be gratefuL of when I don’t feeL.. happy.

But reaLLy, what makes me happy? I basicaLLy have everything I need, and after some Long mooning session I found that, basicaLLy LittLe things can make me happy.

Like, sunny days, meeting friends, performing, traveLLing..

beautifuL orange-coLored sky at dusk, seeing two kitties chasing each others’ taiLs, chocoLate carameL geLato, a good joke..

The List can go on and on. So I’m going to take notes of the random LittLe things that make me happy everyday, and be gratefuL for them. Like a simpLer version of 1000 Awesome Things.

After aLL, according to Arashi, no matter how smaLL the bud is, it is stiLL one happiness.

88 comments on “Happiness

  1. amadl says:

    Eddie Redmayne

  2. amadl says:

    February 1st
    A very tasty curry Lunch. Free Pizzas. Shoe gifts!! ^^

  3. amadl says:

    February 3rd
    Happy wedding, dear Moo πŸ™‚

  4. amadl says:

    February 5th
    NeiL Gaiman’s #KeepMoving The CaLendar of TaLes

  5. amadl says:

    February 6th
    Free snack ^^

  6. amadl says:

    February 8th
    Seeing Eddie Redmayne again. Lots of waLking

  7. amadl says:

    February 9th
    Yosakoi! Fries! Free crepes!

  8. amadl says:

    February 10th
    Awesome new hair

  9. amadl says:

    February 17th
    Got a chance to yeLL and scream at an ass-dumb motorcycList to Let off some steam.
    Yosakoi. Happy meaLs πŸ˜€

  10. amadl says:

    March 1
    SiLver Linings PLaybook with the GirLs

    March 2
    Warm Bodies!

  11. amadl says:

    March 10th
    12 gLorious hours of sLeep

  12. amadl says:

    March 13th
    I just reaLized that this couLd be the start of a new, beautifuL (onLine) friendship

  13. amadl says:

    March 14th
    Super hearty Lunch and book

  14. amadl says:

    March 16th
    FLashback Memories

  15. amadl says:

    March 27th
    UT Happy Gift! πŸ˜€

  16. amadl says:

    March 28th
    Free Marche Lunch!
    GirLs meet-up!

  17. amadl says:

    ApriL 3rd
    A good man offered me a seat on a packed bus. Thank you, Sir, I hope you’LL get a pay raise next month πŸ™‚

  18. amadl says:

    ApriL 9th
    Free Lunch! CLoud AtLas!

  19. amadl says:

    ApriL 23rd
    A day out of office and dinner with friends

  20. amadl says:

    ApriL 26th

  21. amadl says:

    OdApriL 27th
    Awesome day of board games and food with birthday girL Kakak Rambut Pendek.

  22. amadl says:

    May 3rd
    Free screening of Europe on Screen opening
    Found a fifty thousand biLL in my pants’ pocket ^^

  23. amadl says:

    May 4th
    Dance! A new contact

  24. amadl says:

    June 5th
    Back home safe

  25. amadl says:

    June 8th
    super fun yosakoi practice πŸ˜€

  26. amadl says:

    June 11th
    Free, tasty Lunch at Katsusei!

  27. amadl says:

    June 22nd
    UniqLo Indonesia open!
    Free meaLs from dearest Baby GodziLLa

  28. amadl says:

    JuLy 18th
    Pacific Rim

  29. amadl says:

    JuLy 20th
    Pacific Rim

  30. amadl says:

    JuLy 22nd
    A bLasted night fuLL of Laughter with YHR’s oLdies

  31. amadl says:

    August 15th
    Treated to a dinner at Ya-Udah! Yum :9

  32. amadl says:

    August 28th
    Medan! Lots of yummy food :9

  33. amadl says:

    September 1st
    After partaaaaay

  34. amadl says:

    October 27th
    A toys voucher from a stranger!

  35. amadl says:

    November 24th

    November 25th
    God bLess fancams

  36. amadl says:

    December 10th
    AUN J!!

    December 11th
    Mid-week isLand getaway to PuLau Pari

  37. amadl says:

    January 23rd
    Friday night with friends πŸ™‚

  38. amadl says:

    October 31st
    A dear friend reminded me of the existence of this post πŸ™‚

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