It’s onLy Wednesday tomorrow’s Thursday but somehow I feeL so. Dead. Tired.
The thought of skipping work om Monday and take refuge somewhere with exceLLent wifi to catch up on aLL Macross DeLta episodes and grinding Mobius FF sounds very tempting right now.

Suck it.

So Last week I finaLLy decided to fuLLy go soLo for the upcoming trip. PredictabLy, it caused some riffs with the ex-traveLbuddies-to-be. Again, predictabLy enough, money matters. But the biggest Lesson I’ve Learned from this: never agree to traveL together with a bunch of peopLe you bareLy know, especiaLLy if the thought of sharing a doubLe bed and a bathroom with strangers can make you go hot and coLd.

ALong came other things to be taken care of.

Done List:
I got my visa waiver sticker Last week (right before I teLL the strangers Sayonara).
Accommodations for aLL cities booked.

To Be Done ASAP Hurry Up You Lazy Ass List:
Rent mobiLe wifi.
Buy JR RaiL Pass.
Make a packing List (this is kinda fun, untiL you have to pack for reaL).
FinaLize shopping List.
Exchange currency.
And the hardest of aLL, the mother of aLL headaches – Itineraries.

PLanning itineraries aLL by myseLf is crazy hard because I’m trying to incLude everything I want to do and see without any interferences from other parties into a Limited time sLot. And instead of hearing other peopLe opinions or constructing critics, sometimes I’d hear LittLe voices in my head, Like:
“WiLL I be a bad person if I’m not interested to go to the Peace MemoriaL?”
“You’ve been there twice before, so why shouLd you go again now?”
“I don’t reaLLy Like the goLden tempLe that much (and have seen it twice), but now I want to go there again because Tomoya went there a coupLe of days ago and posted it on his Instagram. How stupid is that?”
“Do you reaLLy have to go that far just to see a 18m robot statue?”
“Is this pLan feasibLe? WiLL I not go crazy and drop dead in the middLe of everything?”

Sometimes I envy the traveLers who can do everything on a whim, not pLanning everything and just see what the day wiLL bring them.

But, to quote BFU (she’s been very quotabLe for the Last two posts): “When you do it by yourseLf, aLL you have to do when something go wrong is just suck it.”
Back to itinerary pLanning I go.

Abort Mission!

The titLe of this post was quoted from my BFU when I toLd her I was to go to another mission with Subject.. Let’s just caLL him R1.


R1 is a notary who had worked with Mrs. Z, one of Her Mothership’s gaziLLion friends (I don’t even know if I have ever met Mrs. Z. If I had, I can’t even recaLL what she Looks Like). Mrs. Z advertised him as a highLy eLigibLe bacheLor with a steady income, but he’s extremeLy shy. HM toLd me Mrs. Z toLd her that R1 consuLted Mrs. Z for a week before he started contacting me.

The resuLt of that consuLtation?
A stream of annoying texts with various incorrect speLLings of my name and fLooding me with sad faces emojis if I didn’t text him back ASAP, a coupLe of DIY Ed Sheeran covers, and a barrage of seLfies in a poLice car.
So I siLentLy toLd him to go to heLL.
And eventuaLLy he stopped. My Life was peacefuL again.

For a few months.
UntiL Mrs. Z kindLy butted in again, urging us to meet, through Her Mothership.

So the stream of annoying texts with various incorrect speLLings of my name and fLooding me with sad faces emojis if I didn’t text him back ASAP returned.
OnLy this time, he said “Look, I know you’re pushed to do this, so am I. Mrs. Z won’t stop buggering me about you.”
Poor him. So I agreed, just to ease our mutuaL annoyances.

On the way to The Mission, Her Mothership kept saying I have to be nice, don’t be too coLd, yada yada yada. She even asked me to ‘bring’ him to meet her.
SERIOUSLY HOW WEIRD WOULD THAT BE. I mean, we both didn’t want to do this, so if I ‘took’ him to my mother he wouLd think:
a. “Hey, maybe she likes me.” (are there any throw up emojis in WordPress?)
b. “Oh great it’s her mom now I have pressure from both sides.”
So I said NO WAY to Her Mothership, and off I went to The Mission.

The foLLowing things happened:

  • He kept repeating how annoyed he was by Mrs. Z taLking about me (seriousLy though, which one is this Mrs. Z and what does she know about me besides I’m singLe and Her Mothership is desperate to marry me off?)
  • He doesn’t know how the Food Court Table Law works.
  • He insisted to ordering food for me.
  • He doesn’t eat meat.
  • The conversation died a few times for periods far too Long to be comfortabLe. And I was trying to be nice and chatty.
  • He sLightLy pushed me to go to a sport shop, and caLLed and texted me everytime I was out of his sight.
  • After it was over and done with, Her Mothership is giving me the CoLd Shoulder treatment because.. I don’t know..? For not bringing him to meet her?

ConcLusion: Mission Aborted.



So I went to a two days overnight training out of town. I was typing this on the bus on the way back to Jakarta.
It was a nice break from daiLy office routines.
Met a bunch of new peopLe from other offices, mostLy managers/or in manageriaL path (Me? I’m just a disposabLe staff). They’re nice peopLe. CapabLe peopLe. SociabLe peopLe. Maybe I’m the most introverted, cLosed-off, antisociaL one from the bunch.
They exchanged phone numbers. I don’t have any singLe new numbers added to my contact List.
I’m thinking, when the bus reach it’s Last stop, I’LL just sLip away quietLy and go home. Somehow this thought makes me sad.

SeriousLy, I wasn’t this bad some years ago.

Oh, things. You know, Like my cat, my fictionaL boyfriends, and vacation time.

Last Sunday I went on another Mission.
The Subject is a son of Her Mothership’s friend. Appearance-wise, he’s not repuLsive-Looking and at Least a bit taLLer than me. ConversationaL skiLL, good.

But then he asked: “What’s your passion?”

What the fuck.
Is that The Question of The Decade to ask to anyone you’ve just met for the first time?
Am I weird if I got super pissed off if peopLe poked their noses on my passion?
Is this a job interview?

Yeah, I know I stiLL don’t have any cLear idea what my passion is, so probabLy that’s why I’m so pissed.
But seriousLy, does everybody ask about it whenever they meet anyone for the forst time? Or have I been Living at another dimension? 

Stay by my side, by my side

I’m supposed to be sLeeping, but I know I wouLdn’t be abLe to before I got this out of my mind.
This ‘this’ is primariLy caused by the vocaList of a Japanese band I respect, Noda Yojiro of Radwimps, coLLaborating with the vocaList of one of my favorite band, Taka of One OK Rock, to raise donation for Kumamoto Earthquake.

To quote Noda-san:


Having the earthquake in Kumamoto, Kyushu region, I’ve been thinking what I can do. Still earth is shaking day-and-night and people could barely feel safe. At the same time, I’ve touched many warm feelings who struggle finding their way to help the victims.
And we decide to hold a donation campaign with our track.
With the wishes to light peace in victim’s heart, we sang this song. We’d like to distribute this song and deliver all the sales to affected area.
The project came to my mind with the song called ‘by my side’ which I sang with Taka at the last tour. Taka and I retook this track for this project. I’d like to thank Taka and the members of ONE OK ROCK.
You can choose the purchasing price of this track from 10 yen to 100 thousand yen. We will donate all the profits to the victims of this disaster. We appreciate if you set the price with your heart of support, sympathies, and the wishes to the people suffering from this disaster.
I’d like to express my deepest sympathies to the people who lost their precious ones. Every time I visit, you always give me more than I could give and I love the place. From the bottom of my heart, I hope the day in peace will come soon, quiet night and calm morning will come soon. We want to support and be with you in the long term.
Lastly, I’d like to thank our staffs and all of the people who joined and worked for this project.


■About donation
All the artist income will be contribute to the appropriate organization. Recipient will be announced once it has determined.

■How to purchase the track
In order to purchase the track, you need to register ‘Funnect’. Please refer ‘Funnect’ site for more details.

■Track information
Title: by my side
Artist: Yojiro Noda (RADWIMPS)/ Taka (ONE OK ROCK)

■Selectable Price
Please note that any acknowledgment will not be publish.

■Payment options
Credit card (VISA、Master Card、Diners Club International、AMERICAN EXPRESS、JCB)

Man, I’d Love to pay ¥100,000 if I couLd.

Because Noda-san or his staff was kind enough to repLy to my stupid question on his post and for a moment made me feeL Like a speciaL speck of dust in the wind of gaLaxy



And because the originaL バイマイサイ is aLready beautifuL as it is and now is even more -SURREAL- with Taka’s voice.


If anybody is reading this, I urge you to go to Fannect and use your Yens for good.

Now I’m going to Listen to this non-stop whiLe trying too sLeep.

Why did I do these.

  1. I impuLsiveLy bought a return ticket to Tokyo for November 2016.
    WeLL, I’ve been dreaming about ceLebrating my next birthday in Japan soLo, so.. yeah. Saving Craze must start now.
  2. I impuLsiveLy booked a non-refundabLe hoteL for my trip to Turkey next month.
    I thought it’s a free-canceLLation booking. Turned out it’s not. WeLL, at Least it’s a better deaL than the previous booking, and breakfast is incLuded. Fingers crossed the hoteL’s not too bad.

Take My Hand And Bring Me Back

I swear this is not a One OK Rock bLog, but guess what my first post in 2016 wiLL be about? One OK Rock.


To cut the story short, me and a-gaL-Let’s-just-caLL-her-MP fLew to Singapore on Friday, January 22 and we decided to Lurk around in Changi for a coupLe of hours to catch this


BeLieve me, I feLt Like a super perverted staLker.

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Among other things

Warning: PICSPAM!
ALso, I hope I wiLL not offend anyone from any countries on this Earth. This post is a soLid proof that I’ve wasted too much times watching footages of RPGs and reading fanfictions.

I can count the years I’ve been in WordPress by Looking at the Miss Universe NationaL Costume posts in this bLog. It’s been three years. And during these three years, I’m convinced there are Lots marveLous beings existing in this universe, Like..

MythicaL creatures!

The good-spirited Barong of BaLi, Indonesia

Dlisted | Indonesia:

Um. Okay. I kind of Like this Barong-inspired costume. Not as bad as the Last three years’ costumes. The onLy hiccup was the white Leggings.

I stiLL think that Indonesia shouLd do away with these carnivaL costumes ASAP.

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Let’s pack up and go – maiden voyage with Ethnotek Raja Pack

Ethnotek sneaked into my radar in.. 2013? The company have a noveL idea of sourcing traditionaL textiLes made by their partner artisans from Ghana, GuatemaLa, India, Indonesia (from SoLo, I might have to Look them up) and Vietnam to use as Thread. Oh just read about them here.

Anyway, their Raja pack 46L has been haunting my bag dreams since then and I finaLLy got my hands on one (with Indonesia 14 Thread) a coupLe of weeks ago and this weekend I packed and traveLed with it for the first time.


All packed

I forgot to mention that the main purpose of this post is just to record my packing, didn’t I? The pictures here were taken right after I got home, so the pack was at it’s fuLLest and heaviest condition. With wet swimsuits and toweL.

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30 Day Song Challenge, Day 30 – A Song That Would Be The Theme Song To A TV Show About Your Life

Ah, this. I think any song chaLLenge wouLd not be compLete without the ‘theme song of your Life’ -or sort of- questions. And taLking about compLete, I am very cLose to compLeting the 30 Day Song ChaLLenge! Wooot!

So, theme song of my own TV show. I’m approaching this as if my Live is an anime show, which usuaLLy has an Opening song and an Ending song. And depending on the Length of the show, sometimes it may have severaL Openings and severaL Endings ^^ (weLL, my show has been running for 20-something years, so..)

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30 Day Song ChaLLenge, Day 29 – A Song You’re CurrentLy Obsessed Of

The PenuLtimate Post! One more day to go!!!! Whoo hooo!!

Anyway, today’s theme is kind of famiLiar with Day 19’s theme.. But sometimes 10 days is enough to change someone’s perspective of something, Let aLone to shift the chart of heavy rotation songs in my (mind) pLayList

WILDFIRE (feat. Benji Webb from Skindred) – Crossfaith (XENO)

The onLy party song in XENO. And what a fine party song it is. Together we deLiver~


The Ending song for Gundam Tekketsu no Orphans /Iron-blooded Orphans is the BOMB. It does feeL a bit oLd schooL and vintage-y, but it aLso has a 007 theme song atmosphere to it. In fact, if Misia is British, I bet she wouLd be considered to sing a song for James Bond, and honestLy this is a much better song than Sam Smith’s Writings On The Wall. PLus the song couLd bring out the best of Misia’s voice. Love. The onLy thing missing is a fuLL-Length MV.

WHOLE – CoLdrain (XENA)

For better or worse, I couLdn’t find any video or mp3 to embed here. Oh weLL.

Right after I taLked about CoLdrain’s VENA on Day 20, the band reLeased a preview for their aLbum, and right from the start I know this wiLL be the song that makes me Lose some sLeep. It reaLLy does. Damn the Lyrics. By the way, the aLbum is aLready reLeased worLdwide and the packaging of the Japanese version has THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CD CASE EVER. DefiniteLy worth the extra 500 Yen shipping fees.

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 28 – A Song That Reminds You of Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 28 – A Song That Reminds You of Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Okay, this is complicated. I don’t have any boyfriend(s) right now. Nor do I have any ex-boyfriend or potentiaL boyfirend. What I do have is a bunch of imaginary boyfriends and a handfuL of ex-potentiaL boyfriends. So the song beLow is mainLy dedicated to the guys who faLL into the Last category.

MISS YOU LOVE – SiLverchair (Neon BaLLroom)

“Are you falling asleep?”
“No… I’m falling apart.”