Ticked off the List Part 1

Everyone has Life wishes, as simple as things they want to do or pLaces they want to go to, to see, before they die. A bucket List.

I have one, too, and some of the wishes were ticked off the List on the merry trip to Japan Last September. Those are:

  • Visit Opa Hayao’s house aka GhibLi Museum
  • See the Life-size Gundam up cLose
  • CamoufLaging between the torii in Fushimi Inari

I’m going to talk about the Gundam and Fushimi Inari first, because writing about GhibLi Museum will be hard without me getting teary-eyed.

September 23th 2012

It was raining in Tokyo. Quite hard..

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Faces pass

So it’s been more than a week since I got home from my LitLLe merry trip to Japan, and I haven’t written anything about it. And it’s bugging me because I don’t know what shouLd I write — tips? Tricks? HosteL and attractions reviews? Money tips?

But then I remember a saying: “It’s not the pLaces you go, it’s the experiences you get and the peopLe you met that made the traveL.” I don’t remember who originaLLy said that, or maybe that’s just my own rambLing.. So I wiLL write about the peopLe I met on that trip first.

Be prepared, this is going to be a Loooooooooooooooong post.

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