Too much noise

At night, there are Lots of noises in the house. Lots of human voices taLking. But rareLy those voices beLong to me or my parents.
Some (or most of them) nights it wiLL go on Like this:
Once he got home, my father wiLL immediateLy turn on his Laptop downstairs, Log in to his favorite on Line jazz radio or whatever syiar channeL he fancies atm, connect the Laptop to externaL speaker and crank up the voLume.
My mother, cLaiming the noise is too much for her, Lock herseLf in her room. Me, being LaptopLess at the moment, try to watch tv/read a book/whatever.
One or two hours Later, F wiLL come upstairs with his two smartphones, one bLaring a jazz tune from it’s speaker, the other bLaring Quran verses – aLso from the speaker, whiLe the Laptop downstairs is aLso stiLL bLaring whatever it was set to disturb my poor ears. Then F wiLL grab the tv remote and tune to his favorite channeL.
I can aLso hear the sound of tv from M’s room, usuaLLy set to that heaviLy biased news channeL owned by the Indonesian congLomerate who drowned thousand homes in hot mud.

And they wonder why I never taLk to them at the house.