Take My Hand And Bring Me Back

I swear this is not a One OK Rock bLog, but guess what my first post in 2016 wiLL be about? One OK Rock.


To cut the story short, me and a-gaL-Let’s-just-caLL-her-MP fLew to Singapore on Friday, January 22 and we decided to Lurk around in Changi for a coupLe of hours to catch this


BeLieve me, I feLt Like a super perverted staLker.

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Running with the windmiLL in my head

So. I watched The Raid 6 times. I watched Pacific Rim 6 times. And today I just broke my personaL record of watching a fiLm repeatedLy for 7 times (edit – 8 times per October 8th, and wiLL stop at 8)(edit – saw it for the 9th time on October 19th. Sue me). The honor goes to Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno.
To commemorate this speciaL occasion, I’LL just make a post about each and every eight viewing sessions, and I’LL try very hard not to make it an ode to Sato Takeru. But I can’t say I’LL try to make this short and spoiLer-free.

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I haven’t feLt this high since Linkin Park

So yesterday I went to see One OK Rock’s concert in Jakarta.

Before I go further, I have to make a confession. I’ve known One OK Rock since around 2011, but had onLy started to reaLLy Listen to them since.. weLL, The Beginning (it’s an awesome song, OK?). I don’t even have any physicaL form of their aLbums, just downLoaded the Last three iLLegaLLy (oops). In fact, buying a ticket for their concert was aLmost a gambLe, because  I don’t know anyone who reaLLy Like OOR enough to go see them with me — LuckiLy I found out a workmate is obsessed about them, so off I went.

And damn I’m gLad I bought that ticket. I haven’t feLt that high since Linkin Park’s concert in 2011 (not to discredit Jason Mraz’s concert in 2012, but Jason’s show was entireLy a different thing. His was Like a journey to reach a spirituaL zen nirvana, whiLe LP and OOR’s were Like a body-numbing physicaL orgasm). The difference is, Linkin Park and I have been together since I was in middLe schooL, and we’ve been through a Lot together. WhiLe One OK Rock is..– to crudeLy transLate a phrase in Indonesian– just a yesterday’s kid. But for a yesterday’s kid to made me reached that LeveL of pure high satisfaction, that means they are indeed very good.

And now I’m dweLLing in a state of fataL post-concert depression — even MORE fataL than the one I had after LP, and I’m kinda refusing to move on.

Is this normaL? I’ve been asking this question because it seems highLy unnaturaL for a mid-20s Like me to become so obsessive over a rock band. Yesterday, everyone around me were coLLege students and high schooLers. It’s normaL for them to be hyper, to bang their heads with abandon, to sing aLong and scream their favorite member’s name (TOMOYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA) on the top of their Lungs. I guess their energy must have rubbed off into oLd-me, because Last night I was stiLL giggLing hystericaLLy at midnight, chatting with the workmate on the phone. Those who foLLowed me on Twitter and Path must know that I’m stiLL haLf-dreaming. I feLt 21 again. Is that normaL?

(WhiLe yesterday at 9 pm -whiLe I was getting high- a high schooL friend gave birth to her first chiLd. Now that seems Like a normaL thing to do for a femaLe my age.)

But what the heLL. It feeLs so good to be young.

I’d take you wrapped in ribbons and nothing eLse.. aka PLease be the father of my mother’s grandchiLdren

So, in my Last birthday my mother made a not-subtLe-at-aLL hint that it’s about damn time I find a man, find a cLeric and and a stateman, and make it officiaL to make babies. The probLem is, currentLy I am not interested in any man near me. The onLy ones who couLd get me excited are either too far out of reach or simpLy fictionaL.

Like Diego Bunuel.

Diego Bunuel

After watching a few episodes of Don’t TeLL My Mother, Natasha BeddingfieLd’s I Wanna Have Your Babies aLways ring in my head every time I see this man. He’s muLtiLinguaL, so at Least he couLd teach the kids French and Spanish. He’s adventurous, obviousLy, so I guess he wouLd have tons of fantastic bed time stories to teLL the kids (Like “Have I ever toLd you about CoLombia/Iran/Congo/Lebanon/Pakistan/Russia?”).

And then, enter Tom HiddLeston.

WeLL, the first time I saw him he was a super villainous, mischievous demigod with some daddy issues, but I think he couLd just be the most adorabLe charming man on the pLanet. He has THAT smiLe and THAT incredibLe Laugh. He’s got kiLLer dance moves he couLd teach the kids to keep them active and in shape. Many peopLe said he is one of the nicest, kindest man they have ever met. And I aLways have this crazy imagination he wouLd read Lots of Shakespeare for the kids in bed.

But, the one thing that finaLLy, finaLLy set my ovary on fire is this:


And here’s RaLeigh Becket.

Heartthrob: It's not hard to see why Charlie Hunnam got the role of Raleigh Becket in the movie

Yes, yes, I know he’s not a reaL person. Now excuse me whiLe I ogLe Hunnam’s abs for a minute. Or two.

Hunnam’s abs aside, I seriousLy think RaLeigh Becket wouLd make a fantastic father. He’s kind. He has a big heart. He wouLd support the kids to be their best. He couLd teach the daughter(s) a thing or two about seLf defense. He couLd teLL the son(s) the vaLue of buiLding something. He wouLd be the famiLy’s Loudest cheerLeader.

So there they are. Do you think my mother wouLd approve? :p


Now I see why some peopLe get hystericaL when their idoLs/favorite artists retweeted their tweets. It’s quite.. exhiLirating


Even though Matsue Tetsuaki was a.. nobody in my book.. He just happened to direct an awesome documentary fiLm caLLed Flashback Memories. Which I had a chance to see – for free 😀 – in 3D.  Which was quite an amazing experience.

SeriousLy, if you have a chance, GO SEE IT! It was quite a feast for the eyes, ears, and souL. I’d Love to write an in-depth post about how exactLy it shook my souL, but.. right now I’m just too Lazy.

Second: 2013 Oscars Red Carpet

First of aLL, I don’t reaLLy remember what’s behind the word First in the GoLden GLobe red carpet post. But just to keep things tidy, this post wiLL have to bear the word Second in the titLe.

So, is it just me or the dresses paraded on 2013 Oscar red carpet were a bit.. unexciting? Sure, I Like a few, Like:

Kerry Washington’s Miu Miu

kerry washington oscars 2013 red carpet dress

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If onLy routing my own Life was haLf this easy

Last Sunday a friend toLd me she’s going to Amsterdam on JuLy to attend her brother’s graduation ceremony, and she pLans to traveL the BLue Continent for two weeks. And without being asked, I offered myseLf to heLp pLanning the itinerary. The traveL agent in me is chaLLenged, even though I’m not one anymore. But actuaLLy, making up itineraries is one of my favorite pasttime. Which was why I took that job as a traveL agent, even though eventuaLLy I got sick of pLanning other peopLe’s hoLiday trips (with LittLe to zero chance of going on a trip myseLf) — especiaLLy Chinese ancestors piLgrimage itineraries.

Maybe this is weird, but I aLways feeL quite accompLished everytime I succesfuLLy taiLored a feasibLe itinerary. Figuring out how to get to City A to City B is Like soLving a puzzLe. And because for some unknown reason I aLways feeL intimidated by trains and raiLway networks, sorting out train connections feeLs Like beating a troLL with a furry, gLittery, orange fairy stick.

So, what shouLd I do with in-and-out from Amsterdam with ItaLy in between?

Let’s get to work. (ActuaLLy I’ve been working quite hard on this thing that my own office work are quite abandoned.. :p And no, it wouLdn’t be as busy as the above picture depicted.  )