30 Day Song Challenge, Day 6 – A Song You Can ALways ReLate To

I didn’t mean to make this a sad-ish post, but somehow I picked songs with quite somber moods..

C.H.A.O.S.M.Y.T.H. – ONE OK ROCK (Zankyou Reference)

First of aLL, this is THE SONG that made me faLL in Love with One OK Rock.
Second, it taLks about memories, friendship, fareweLLs, and moving on, aLways-reLatabLe things in my book. Funny thing is, sometimes I found it hard to move on from this song about moving on.

DETAILS IN THE FABRIC – Jason Mraz feat. James Morrison (We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things)

Admit it, we aLways know someway or another we’re broken. But we’re aLways hoLding on, don’t we?

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 5 – A Song That Has New Meaning Everytime You Hear It

This topic is. Hard. HARD.

ELM – written by Yoko Kanno and performed by Pierre Bensusan

You know, those LaLaLa can mean anything.

BETWEEN TWO LUNGS – FLorence + The Machine (Lungs)

I’m aLways on the fence over what the Lyrics mean.. CouLd it be about drugs? Medicine? Kiss of Life? Kiss of death? Love? One thing for sure, though: Ms. WeLch’s voice is DIVINE.

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 4 – A Song That Reminds You of Something Sad

Something sad, huh? Damn I hate this.


I had a chiLdhood friend who is a musicaL whiz. He couLd form a one-man band if he wanted to – and if he had 8 sets of arms. He was especiaLLy charming on the piano, and girLs wouLd fLock to him Like ants to a cake Left uncovered on the tabLe. On our Last assignment for music cLass on Last year of middLe schooL, he pLayed this song. Then we graduated and gone to different high schooLs. A few months Later, I heard that he had stopped going to schooL because of drug abuse.
He’s doing fine now, though :)


Years ago, one of my high schooL bestfriend announced she was pregnant with her first chiLd, and my first reaction was humming this song. It’s sad, reaLLy, to greet a new Life with such a pessimistic sentiment.

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 3 – A Song That Makes You Laugh

OnLy three days in and One OK Rock aLready make their appearance! Oops :p

WeLL, one of the band’s endearing trait is their habit to incLude siLLy hidden tracks in their aLbums, starting from Kanjou Effect. So now they have 5 hidden tracks in totaL. All of them are siLLy and ridicuLous to various degree, some are seemingLy more spontaneous than others, but aLL of them never faiL to make me Laugh. My favorites are these two:

BOSSA NOVA (from Kanjou Effect)

>> the hidden track starts at 8:19

TATEYAMA (suspected titLe)(from Zankyou Reference)

:) :) :) :)

30 Day Song Challeng, Day 2 – A Song That Helps You Clear Your Head

On an unexpected revelation and serenity.
THE APPEAL AND THE MINDSWEEP I – Enter Shikari (The Mindsweep)

Months ago, mongered by deadline, I decided to shut the world up and put the earphones in and pLay Enter Shikari’s The Mindsweep. This song, the first track off the album, swept my brain off from aLL other noises surrounding me. SuddenLy my mind became cLearer, focus sharpened, and my fingers danced steadiLy on the keyboard. Since then the song has become my most trusted ‘sLave-driver anthem’.

I beLieve this song is one of the most beautifuL song ever created on PLanet Earth. This is the song that seaLed Kanno Yoko’s position as my Music Demi-God. Conte’s voice and Maaya’s voice meLd together so beautifuLLy, pushing my brain to work hard to reaLLy LISTEN.

30 Day Song Challenge, Day 1 – A Song That Makes You Happy

The theme is so appropriate as yesterday was kind of bittersweet (the majority of it was bitter, though) for me, so this shouLd serve as a pick-me-up of sort

A TINY SUNSHINE – Kajiura Yuki (OST. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle)

Listening to this song in the morning equaLs taking multiple multivitamins for the souL. Never faiL to carve a smiLe into my face and add some spring to my steps. Kajiura Yuki is a genius.

THE WORLD AS I SEE IT – Jason Mraz (Love Is A Four Letter Word)

I stiLL have a very vivid memory about the time I first heard this song. Me and Mothership was in the car, the radio was on, it was day and the sun was shining brightLy, me and Mothership was not fighting. SuddenLy the radio announcer said “Let’s hear Jason Mraz’s new song!” and I remembered thinking Ohmygod this song is fucking beautifuL, and haLfway through the song Mothership said, “This song is good.” BLiss.

So I kinda pushed myseLf to do this.. Let’s see.

In the pLight to really prove that this is not a One OK Rock-focused bLog, I have decided to challenge myseLf.

I am doing the 30 Day Song Challenge.

No, nobody had chaLLenged or tagged me to do it. I just saw one bLogger I’m foLLowing did it (and recentLy compLeted it) and I thought, hey, this couLd be fun. And chaLLenging. Because I’m aLmost sure I wouLdn’t be abLe to finish it in 30 days, more Like, 40 days, maybe. Nor wiLL I tag anyone to do this with me or after me, because I have aLmost-zero friends on the bLogosphere.
But what the heLL, it’s the beginning of a new month, and I need something new to do in this bLog other than rant about One OK Rock. Oh, another chaLLenge is to keep the number of featured One OK Rock’s songs minimal XD

It just occured to me that I shouLd have posted this preambLe yesterday, but since I’m kind of on a roLL here, post Day 1 is coming straight after this.
Here’s the List:
Day 1 – A song that makes you happy
Day 2 – A song that helps clear your head
Day 3 – A song that makes you laugh
Day 4 – A song that reminds you of something sad
Day 5 – A song that has new meaning every time you hear it
Day 6 – A song you can always relate to
Day 7 – A song that holds a lot of meaning to you
Day 8 – A song that makes you cry
Day 9 – A song that makes you want to dance
Day 10 – A song that annoys you
Day 11 – A song that reminds you of summer
Day 12 – A song that reminds you of your best friend
Day 13 – A song you sing in the shower
Day 14 – A song you liked when you were younger
Day 15 – A song people wouldn’t expect you to like
Day 16 – A song that is your guilty pleasure
Day 17 – A song you like hearing live
Day 18 – A song you have as your ringtone
Day 19 – A song currently stuck in your head
Day 20 – A song from an album you are looking forward to
Day 21 – A song you want to dance to at your wedding
Day 22 – A song that you haven’t listened to in a while
Day 23 – A cover song
Day 24 – A song that makes you angry
Day 25 – An acoustic song you love
Day 26 – A song by your favorite band
Day 27 – A song you make fun of
Day 28 – A song that reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend
Day 29 – A song you’re currently obsessed of
Day 30 – A song that would be the theme song to a TV show about your life

Now I see that each day you’re supposed to taLk onLy about a song, aka one song, but I am one of those girl who can’t make up her mind for anything important, so each day may feature two, three, even four songs. I’LL put the Limit at four, tops.

So! Let the 30 Day Song Challenge begins!

You know the way back

I swear I have never intended to turn this bLog to be a One OK Rock bLog, but those boys are currentLy ruLing 80% of my brain, so.. Here it is, another post (rant) about One OK Rock. SpecificaLLy, about their ‘new’ aLbum 35XXXV Deluxe Edition. If you ask what’s the difference between the ‘originaL’ version and the ‘deLuxe’ version, the simpLe answer is the Lyrics in the originaL are 20% Japanese and 80% EngLish, whiLe the DeLuxe Edition is 99.8% sung in EngLish.

So, as I’ve done previousLy with the ‘originaL’ 35XXXV, here’s my first impression of 35XXXV Deluxe Edition.

Note: This is written whiLe I streamed the aLbum for the first time on Altpress. I have bought the physicaL CD (FINALLY ONE OK ROCK CD IS OFFICIALLY AVAILABLE IN INDONESIA PRAISE GOD) but have not found the strength and enough wiLL power to Listen to it. Even posting this takes days.

WARNING: may contain too much cursing and CAPS LOCK for your Liking

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悲しくて ただ単に辛くて

EarLier today One OK Rock (management) announced the dates for their 2016 Asia Tour and since then my pLayList is dominated by You’ve Broken My Heart – Mighty Long Fall – Heartache in no particuLar order.


Yep, they’re skipping Indonesia.
Insert every crying-bucket-of-tears Line stickers I own here.

ObviousLy there are a LOT of WHYs thrown around, pLus some hystericaL bLaming games. I don’t want to make the water murkier, but since this is MY bLog, pLease aLLow me to throw in my two cents on the “why wouLdn’t One OK Rock come back to Indonesia”.

WARNING: this is going to be Long and fuLL of winding non-sense shits.

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Don’t stop the move, keep on dancing.

Dance is amazing. Language is a barrier that can be broken by music, but if even music faiLs, there wiLL aLways be dance.
Says the girL who bawLed her eyes out in front of the TV when she saw this 5 years ago, and stiLL does whenever she see it again and again.

Dance is amazing, because it makes peopLe pushes their body to the maximum Limit and do things you thought you wouLd never be abLe to do. God is great, indeed.
Says the girL whose heart wrenched oh so tightLy knowing two of these guys got injured just before they have to perform an extended version of beLow routine.


I was thinking about quitting yosakoi aLtogether after seeing ReckLess and remembering Matthew. They are dancing for their Lives, against prejudices and injuries, whiLe I’m.. What, dancing for fun? How shaLLow.
But then if I quit, that means I wiLL Lose one more thing that can reaLLy do and make me hystericaLLy happy. PLus I feeL Like I wiLL Lose a battLe against my father. I hate Losing to my father.
So, obLiging to The TeLephones, I decide to keep on dancing. For however Long it may be.


Found this on Facebook, watched it, and the first thought that popped in my head was “I wonder what peopLe wiLL say if they see my face.”

My face is much much much much more acne-prone than Em (the brave v-Logger in the video) and nowadays the onLy makeup I wear are just Loose powder and Lipsticks. PeopLe do comment on my acne, but I guess I’m fortunate that most of them means weLL or worried, or just too poLite to say what’s reaLLy in their mind (except my parents, of course).
But then again, I have never post a picture of my whoLe bare face on the internet.
To be honest, the first time I saw the video, I was cynicaL and think this wouLd be just a.. kind of “gLorified reason to wear makeup to cover your fLaws” video. But after watching it again I feLt ashamed of thinking that way, because then I’m just the same with the dipshit wonkers who posted the hate comments. So, the message I got is: GirL, you have the right to be beautifuL in whatever way you choose, bare-faced or fuLL-faced. If today you can’t give a fuck about the foundations and conceaLers, then fuck’em. If tomorrow you’d have enough of those acnes staring back at you from the mirror, those foundations and conceaLers are stiLL going to be there. And fuck what other peopLe say, for no matter what you do they wiLL ALWAYS find a way to bring you down.

Let’s just sing together with Christina AguiLera.

CoLd and hungry and haLf pissed-off

So much for a famiLy dinner.
This is more Like, “You go eat first, I’m still on the way. Order something for me, I’m starving” and I’d be in Limbo because as aLways I don’t know what you’d Like, and then you’re coming when everything is aLready coLd and you’d be compLaining because the food is coLd whiLe I’d be suLking on the phone.
And don’t forget about the other one who keeps eating my food and not ordering anything.

Fuck. I shouLdn’t have thought this wouLd go smoothLy anyway. ShouLd have gone out with my friends instead.


I, on the other hand, still might not be considered a proper adult. I had been very grown-up when I was in primary school. But as I continued through secondary school, I in fact became less grown-up. And then as the years passed, I turned into a quite childlike person. I suppose I just wasn’t able to ally myself with time.

Strange Weather in Tokyo – Hiromi Kawakami

He Looks smiLey. She Looks friendLy.

I’m back. ALive, weLL (at Least untiL I caught fLu from office peopLe), broke, and head fiLLed with more memories. Oh, and some extra pounds of fat in my beLLy and zits on my face.

TaLking about face, some of the memorabLe thing about this Japan trip are the faces of the peopLe I met aLong the way. So just as I’ve done here and here, here’s another “It’s the peopLe that made the journey” post. And it’s going to be a Long post, okay?

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