What I Learned from -touristing- with the parents

  • Be patient.
  • ALways Look out for the washrooms.
  • Be patient.
  • Whatever you think, when they said you’re wrong, just accept that you’re wrong. Your seLf confidence and dignity is not worth it.
  • Be patient.
  • Don’t waLk too fast.
  • Be patient.
  • Meet up with other peopLe if possibLe.
  • .
    • Be patient.
  • きっとまだ 終わらない夏が。。

    Nope, summer is over and I shouLd have written this post 2 weeks ago.

    See, every time I’m back from anywhere I’ve gone to I’m supposed to write something about the peopLe I met there, but this time I’m not as inspired as before because the majority of peopLe I was with were feLLow Indonesian and I’ve known some for a Long time.. Except three super genki Japanese grannies and a coupLe of guys from Vietnam.

    Let’s just say this trip is one that couLd break a friendship.


    Dear Chester, 

    I’m sorry, I’m not as strong as I cLaimed to be. I stiLL cry myseLf to sLeep and I’ve eaten 3 chocoLate bars every day since Friday.

    But I’LL get through this. With your heLp, of course.

    Keep you in my memory

    I first know Linkin Park when *I thought* I was going through the hardest time in my (short) Life. Since then, their music has heLped taught me to fight, to persevere, to compromise, to sacrifice, and to Let go. To stand strong. ActuaLLy, it stiLL does.

    But today, just for a whiLe, pLease aLLow me to break down and weep.

    And then I’LL rise up again.


    What the heLL is happening 

    My notification and emaiL has been fLooded by these nonsense since Last night


    I’ve trashed a dozens more before I decided to screen-cap them.

    Has this ever happened to anyone reading? WiLL this be dangerous to my account and emaiL? (besides the annoying fact that I have to moderate every singLe.. incoming?)

    You can’t have cake and eat it, too

    Three weeks ago, my cousin texted me, telling me about a single brother of her friend.

    Fast forward to a few hours Later, he – Let’s call him IRE – and I agreed to meet up.

    Fast forward to a few more hours Later, everything had gone quite peachy, but there is one single, conspicuous physical flaw about him.

    He’s an Arab.


    I know, I know, I shouLdn’t generalize all Arab (descents) as asshoLes Like Saudi men, but stiLL..


    I’ve past my quarter-century crisis but this is like reading into my own future

    “Nothing is working. Nothing in my life is working.

    Giants of literature, philosophy, and arts have influenced my life, but what have I done with this life? I remain a speck in a tumultuous universe that has little concern for me. I am no more than dust – a mote – dust to dust. I am a blade of grass upon which the stormtrooper’s boot stomps.

    I had dreams, and they were not about ending up a speck. I didn’t dream of becoming a star, but I thought I might have a nonspeaking role in a grand epic, an epic with a touch of artistic credentials. I didn’t dream of becoming a giant – I wasn’t that delusional or arrogant – but I wanted to be more than a speck, maybe a midget.

    I could have been a midget.”


    – Rabih Alameddine, An Unnecessary Woman

    It’s getting easier and easier for me to do everything on my own. Without having to wait for other peopLe. Sure, I might do some bad, stupid things when aLone, but then I’d onLy have myseLf to bLame (and hate) so no risk of offending other peopLe — speciaLLy peopLe you’re supposed to be kind to. 

    Ambitions first impression

    So. Another One OK Rock post, I’m sorry, but I just couLdn’t resist.
    If you haven’t heard One OK Rock’s Latest aLbum ‘Ambitions’, go away. Or read on, if you’re curious, or whatever.

    Here goes..

    Ambitions  >> This may be the most boring intro track by OOR so far

    Bombs Away >> Do they reaLLy need this much effects and autotune? Oh yeay Japanese lyrics!

    Taking Off >> This is Like RADWIMPS’ Zen Zen Zense. Not a bad song, but too generic to be called OOR’s better song. Other bands with lower quality and level could make this song their good song, but this is definitely not OOR’s better song.

    We Are >> I can see why some people said this song “speaks to me in a spiritual level”.  The ‘feels’ reminds me of Clock Strikes, and Nobody’s Home too, but musically it’s still inferior to both. And, NHK 18sai Fes version is still the best.

    20/20 >> What was that?

    Always Coming Back >> I’ve come to appreciate this song.

    Bedroom Warfare >> Livin’ La Vida Loca is giving me a major headache.

    Lost In Tonight >> I think this has some potentials, but Taka sounds drunk.

    I Was King >> When am I when am I gonna kill this feeling of dread whenever I heard OOR is going to release something new?

    Listen >> I’m more interested with the behind-the-scene story of this song. How did Toru react when Avril’s in? XD

    One Way Ticket >> If they pLay this song Live and I happen to be going, I wouLd just stood there awkwardly, not sure what to do.

    Bon Voyage >> What the hell is this mess? And who’s singing?

    Start Again >> Oh this is quite good. Just Lose the O-o-oh.

    Take What You Want >> I reaLLy need to pee.

    *toilet break*

    Secret Track >> Like the intro, this may be the most boring Secret Track by OOR, BUT this is hands down the best track of the entire aLbum.



    I think what I wrote in 35XXXV first impression post couLd be appLied here, with sLight modification:

    Okay, from the generaL popuLation point of view, stoicaLLy speaking, this is a good pop rock aLbum from One OK Rock aLthough they couLd tone down the production and effects. And I think they shouLd beef up the Lyrics. I can see tweens and middLe schooLers digging this, but the band wiLL face stiff competition as there are thousands other western bands thand sound more or Less the same (with stronger Lyrics, I guess).

    PersonaLLy speaking, this is NOT a good aLbum from One OK Rock. I hate this.
    I might Love this if this had been reLeased 10 years ago.
    HonestLy I am quite surprised that I find myseLf preferring 35XXXV than Ambitions. But I just.. I feLt so reLieved when Start Again started (weird sentence) and I finaLLy found a non pre-reLeased song that I Like. I was aLmost bored Listening to the other songs. I’m sad because of that.

    WeLL this is onLy the first hearing. Maybe some other songs wiLL grow on me over time. Who knows.

    I’m ending this post with a quote from a reviewer on Amazon Japan:

    グッドバイワンオクロック。 ハローただのグッドバンド。



    I’m back. I’m stiLL aLive. ALbeit with shorter Lifespan, a few pounds heavier, and spottier in the face. And Lazy as ever, as I can onLy push myseLf to write this Long overdue “faces of the journey” post on a ‘sick day’.

    But first of aLL, Let me say that Japanese peopLe never cease to amaze me with their.. dare I say kindness? More about it Later.

    So this is my first ever soLo trip! Just me, my seLf, my shadow, and I. Maybe I’LL write a separate post on how I feeL about touristing aLone, but one thing for sure, it makes the peopLe I met on the trip more.. meaningfuL 🙂

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    Tonight you and I wiLL faLL from the sky

    This conversation happened hours after One OK Rock’s Taking Off MV was reLeased.

    UC >> Well, the video quality has increased somewhat.
    Me >> Yeah, compared to the catastrophy that is Last Dance. But the stories are getting weirder and weirder.
    UC >> But there’s a lesson we all can learn from the new MV.
    Me >> What’s that?
    UC >> Do not ever trust any stranger you just met who suddenly kiss you, no matter how handsome or pretty they are.
    Me >> LoL.
    UC >> Seriously, you wouldn’t want to blow up to pieces just because a stranger kiss you, right? Or even worse, they might turn you to a zombie..
    Me >> You know what? I think there is a connection between Last Dance and Taking Off MV.
    UC >> What’s that?
    Me >> What if that girl was actuaLLy an aLien Left behind by those aLiens in Last Dance? You know, maybe they pLanted her on Earth to.. observe? That’s why she was chased by those gas maskies. Because she was an aLien. She had the power to expLode and destroy, but to activate that power she had to make intimate contact with a human being. Then that poor feLLow drive by.. and boom. Her aLien body dust wouLd get bLown everywhere by the wind, and any human being who made contact with that dust wouLd turn to zombies! That way, it wouLd be easier for the aLiens to conquer Earth!
    UC >> Your imagination is surely too active. This is still office hour, right? Aren’t you supposed to be working?
    Me >> Well I bet One OK Rock’s next MV wiLL have a zombie concept.
    UC >> Yeah, just like how they turn us old fans into zombies wishing them to be good again.