Three banks’ caLL centers / phone service centers in 30 minutes

The Country Bank
Brisk and business-Like with a hint of sympathetic tone.

The CentraL Asia
Somewhat perky and overLy sympathetic. May work on some peopLe (it did on me, I Laughed) but may aLso not for some peopLe. I appLaude those who can taLk Like that aLL day Long.

The Mon
Even more brisk than The Country Bank but Less business-Like. Lots of background noises.


Feature perfect

Binging Against The Current’s Dreaming ALone earLier in the day made me reaLize how perfectLy harmonious Takaboy’s voice sounds together with Chrissy’s and that he is actuaLLy a great coLLaborator. UnLike a certain American rock vocaList featured in The Abomination of 35xxxv, Taka has this sense of.. um.. how do I put this.. compLimenting the Main artist. CLues from SimpLe PLan’s Summer Paradise and Grown Kids’ song which titLe I totaLLy forget and is too Lazy to GoogLe.

Which brings me to remembering my other favorite ‘coLLaborative’ songs, where the two voices and ‘styLe’s of the two vocaLists perfectLy combined, bLended, and created one heLL of a song.

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Too much noise

At night, there are Lots of noises in the house. Lots of human voices taLking. But rareLy those voices beLong to me or my parents.
Some (or most of them) nights it wiLL go on Like this:
Once he got home, my father wiLL immediateLy turn on his Laptop downstairs, Log in to his favorite on Line jazz radio or whatever syiar channeL he fancies atm, connect the Laptop to externaL speaker and crank up the voLume.
My mother, cLaiming the noise is too much for her, Lock herseLf in her room. Me, being LaptopLess at the moment, try to watch tv/read a book/whatever.
One or two hours Later, F wiLL come upstairs with his two smartphones, one bLaring a jazz tune from it’s speaker, the other bLaring Quran verses – aLso from the speaker, whiLe the Laptop downstairs is aLso stiLL bLaring whatever it was set to disturb my poor ears. Then F wiLL grab the tv remote and tune to his favorite channeL.
I can aLso hear the sound of tv from M’s room, usuaLLy set to that heaviLy biased news channeL owned by the Indonesian congLomerate who drowned thousand homes in hot mud.

And they wonder why I never taLk to them at the house.

35xxxv first impression.


  • To anyone who have not Listen to One OK Rock’s 35xxxv, GO AWAY.
  • This may contain too much CAPS LOCK for your Liking.
  • To everyone who’s been reading this bLog for a whiLe, yes, this is another One OK Rock reLated post. Sorry..

So the day I’ve been waiting in part excitement and part dread have finaLLy come. The reLease day of One OK Rock’s 35xxxv. Some peopLe get their physicaL CDs yesterday and opinions are scattered on Twitter and TumbLr, and reading them SCARED me. But finaLLy I steeL myseLf, empty the head from any expectations and Listened to it. So here goes..

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Trippy Lights made Taka feeLing trippy and just too bright for Tomoya.

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Bite the buLLet, don’t puLL the trigger, hoLd tight.

I don’t hate One OK Rock’s Cry Out. But I don’t Love it either. My first reaction after I heard it was “Whew there are a LOT of stuffs going on here” and not aLL of those stuffs are good.
That’s what I think about the MV, which was reLeased earLier today.

After watching it for the nth time (sorry, Mr. Boss (^o^;) ) a crazy and stupid idea suddenLy popped inside my head. I mean, the pLot of the MV is actuaLLy simpLe but unfortunateLy it was crowded with unnecessary things Like too many repetitive sLow motions and gLimmering things, so why don’t thicken the pLot aLL the way and deveLop it to be a movie story? Haha.

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RoLe PLaying

Warning: PICSPAM

Surprise! A Miss Universe NationaL Costume post before the crowning! Maybe because there are some good stand outs, and surprisingLy no bad or outrageous stand outs except Canada (and one other). And whiLe perusing this year’s offerings, suddenLy a crazy idea popped up in my head (that’s why I’m not going to start by ‘anaLizing’ Indonesia’s costume Like usuaL).


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Fandom and fangirLs are scary things, eh. And the internet makes them even more scarier.
I guess I’m pretty Lucky Internet was stiLL a commodity equaL to exotic rare birds when I had the hugest ceLebrity crush on Josh Hartnett and Scott Moffatt so I’ve never had a chance to go baLListic whenever I heard they were dating anyone. Or when I heard Chester Bennington remarried.

Kids these days, though.

I understand if those fangirLs feeL possessive over some musicians/actors/idoLs’ works, but I don’t get how they feeL that they possess controL over said musicians/actors/idoLs’s personaL Life. And then going as far as harrassing anyone suspected (or proven) to have personaL, speciaL reLationship with their objects of idoLatry. ProbabLy because the internet made it easier to get to know the idoLs in LeveLs unimaginabLe just 5 years ago, with no respect to privacy? And maybe because now it’s super easy to reach out to those idoLs, to say something, to give them messages and a piece of your mind without ever meeting them personaLLy?
Kids these days are greedy, huh? They expect their favorite musicians/actors/idoLs to keep on working and make fans (them) happy, but when the idoLs seem to have find personaL happiness that doesn’t invoLve them, they go berserk.
Maybe because they’re stiLL kids.

It’s the end of the year as we know it.


When WordPress emaiLed the above annuaL report, it’s my aLarm to go “uh oh, what have I done this year?”.

Not much.

Here, in this pLace, I have onLy posted 27 times (28 if I couLd bring myseLf to finish this post), waaaaay Less than in my heyday of bLogging in MuLtipLy. I’ve performed with the yosakoi group even Less than Last year, which kind of breaks my heart. I bought a new gadget with my own money, which pissed my parents. I’ve gone on two trips with my Unidachi, one not so good, the other is THE BEST VACATION I’VE EVER HAD even though I have never written about it here — the draft is stiLL Lurking somewhere, though. I got into more fights with my parents. I dragged my ass up to meet some.. guys, even though none are going anywhere. I got IVed for the first time in my Life. I saw 2 fiLms for 9 times each, but I missed every singLe fiLm festivaLs that were usuaLLy the highLights of my year. I saw one of my best friends getting married (and just Like I knew I wouLd, I faiLed to hoLd my tears). I’m stiLL here in the office. And I’ve bought the tickets for the Long-awaited Japan trip next year.

Yeah, not much. But at Least next year I’m going to two of my top five favorite cities on the pLanet.

Here’s to 2014, and 2015.

ALways a fooL trying to be cooL

I Love how One OK Rock keeps bombing my birthday month for two years in a row. Last year, the concert. This year, FOOL COOL ROCK is screened on some LocaL cinemas, onLy for this weekend. And of course, originaLLy pLanning just to see it once on Friday, I ended up seeing it again yesterday and today. Because FCR is quite a spectacLe. NostaLgia ran high and I think me and MP managed to annoy the heLL out of some other peopLe by our squeaLing and cLapping and singing aLong. And I got teary eyed each time Wherever You Are is on.

That Leads me to this question: Is it normaL to stiLL be fangirLing at my age? When my friends Left and right are pLanning their weddings, I’m stiLL Lusting after Tubby’s sweater and backpack and fawning over Papa Leader’s terrific hair and cooL man-bag. I just hope The Mothership wiLL never find out what I reaLLy did this weekend (and how many times I’ve seen Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno and The Legend Ends in totaL).

Okay, anyway. FCR has reaLLy made me appreciate the band more. I don’t care if in Japan peopLe say One OK Rock is a band for middLe-schooLers and juveniLes, I LOVE THEM.
I Love Toru for having the idea of forming a band and how he kind of get freaky in his own cooL way.
I Love Taka’s voice and his ambition to make the band better (even though some of his recent actions are.. questionabLe).
I Love Ryota for sticking with the band and growing up together with it and how he can charm his way into the hearts of some thousands of us back in Lapangan KoLam Renang Senayan on November 24th 2013.
I Love Tomoya for showing his Love for the band and the other guys with his own painfuL way and his megagaziLLion watt smiLe and his infectious Laugh and his hair and his striped vests and his.. his.. funny dances ^^

And just for this weekend, I think I kind of Like Decision.


Watch “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman” on YouTube

A few days ago I saw this video

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman:


Yesterday I went to a HaLLoween festivaL with a friend, MP, at a park not so far from our office. We decided to get out at around 7 pm, when peopLe in costumes were just starting to come. At the parking Lot, we passed through a CLark Kent & Wonder Woman coupLe. Then I heard some men (Like, drivers and whatnots dickheads) saying things Like: “this Halloween thing is awesome, we don’t have to watch porn we can just hang around here and see some hot chicks!”
Low Life dickheads.

A few minutes Later when MP and I were passing a row of cars queing to get out of the park compLex, a (pretty nice) car roLLed down it’s window and a guy hoLLered “hey baby! Hey sweetie!”
MiddLe finger was out.

The video on the top was criticized because it edited out the white men (and priviLeged, or at Least middLe cLass). But reaLLy, I think every singLe men (and women, yes) on this pLanet stiLL have this.. stupid ceLL in their brains to judge other peopLe’s appearance. It’s inevitabLe, we wiLL aLways judge peopLe. But some of us are stiLL poLite enough to not say it aLoud and do other stupid things based on that judgement. Some others deserve the middLe finger.

O brother

Four years before I was born, my mother had a miscarriage. If it hadn’t happen, I wouLd have had a big brother.

ProbabLy that’s why I’ve aLways Look for a brother figure and fantasize about “What if my Big Brother had been born”. (I’ve taLked about this with the Mothership, and she toLd me “You want a big brother? Go find a husband.” Sigh.)

If Big Brother was here, right now a wouLdn’t be aLone at the house whiLe the parents are going Hajj (though maybe I wouLdn’t be abLe to go out ‘tiL drop Like I have pLanned :p).
If Big Brother was here, maybe I wouLd be reLieved off the duty of giving the parents grandchiLdren.
If Big Brother was here, maybe he wouLd have taught me how to bike and drive.
If Big Brother was here, maybe I wouLd have a better debating and arguing and bantering skiLLs Learned from aLL the years of fighting. 
If Big Brother was here, maybe I wouLd have had someone who’d teLL me everything wiLL be fine.


Awwww Oji, you make me want to cut my hair again..

So what had triggered this Big Brother sentiment?
NusantaRanger’s Latest chapter, Debur.
EspeciaLLy that page above. Yes, yes, Rena and Oji are not bLood reLated, but seeing their dynamics in this chapter just made me go sniffLes and I need 5 minutes of meditation in the office Loo to caLm myseLf (and thus this post is born).

‘Kay, off to reread NusantaRanger again.

Running with the windmiLL in my head

So. I watched The Raid 6 times. I watched Pacific Rim 6 times. And today I just broke my personaL record of watching a fiLm repeatedLy for 7 times (edit – 8 times per October 8th, and wiLL stop at 8)(edit – saw it for the 9th time on October 19th. Sue me). The honor goes to Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno.
To commemorate this speciaL occasion, I’LL just make a post about each and every eight viewing sessions, and I’LL try very hard not to make it an ode to Sato Takeru. But I can’t say I’LL try to make this short and spoiLer-free.

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