Summer 2021 meLodies

So to continue what I started in Spring 2021, here are the songs that I’m pretty sure my earphones have had enough but I can’t get enough.

Dream On – Miyano Mamoru (Uramichi Onii-san) Dream On is basicaLLy summer’s BLizzard hahah. I breathe sweat bLeed and sLeep Dream On.
ABC Taisou – Miyano Mamoru as Daga Iketeru & Mizuki Nana as Tadano Utano (Uramichi Onii-san)
Shinayakana Mirai – Uesaka Sumire as Sugimoto Sawa & Sasaki Rico as Yamado Ayako (Kageki Shoujo)
Kageki Shoujo has 4 endings sung by the voice casts but my favorite is this one. I Love the contrast between Sawa’s husky voice (I stiLL can’t beLieve it’s Uesaka Sumire!!!!!) and Ayako’s angeLic voice.
Shounen Shoujo – Ginnan Boys (Sonny Boy)

And that’s it. Let’s see what FaLL 2021 wiLL bring.

Spring MeLodies

2021 is the year I fuLL-dived back into anime, nose-first.
Anime is 80% of what I watch. The onLy new songs can make their way into my head are anime OP or ED songs.

Them stuck ones from Spring 2021 (not in favoritism order):

BLizzard – Burnout Syndromes (Mashiro No Oto) ((LOL I said not in favoritism order BUT BLizzard is most definiteLy my favorite jam this season. I bLeed, cry, sweat and vomit BLizzard.))
Kono Yume ga Sameru Made – Kato MiLiyah & Yoshida Brothers (Mashiro No Oto)
MonoqLo City – Ace CoLLection (Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui)
Pink BLood – Utada Hikaru (Fumetsu no Anata e) ((When BLizzard runs out, I bLeed Pink BLood))
Hand Up To The Sky – SawanoHiroyuki:Laco (86)
Embrace of Light – Raise A SuiLen (Joran)
Various Franchouchou songs (ZombieLand Saga)

UnfortunateLy, despite aLL the “utahime” fuss no songs from Vivy actuaLLy impressed me. The anime itseLf is top, though.

Let’s see what kind of meLodies Summer 2021 wiLL bring.


So this morning I dreamed I was dating a guy who turns out to be a member of a respectabLe mafia cLan and we went to the bank (to do usuaL admin stuff, not robbery) then with nowhere eLse to go we went to a part of town with tons of oLd-fashioned buiLdings and he puLLed me into this restaurant whom owner he caLLed “Mama” and Mama served us a whoLe griLLed chicken and ROSE SALAD but then I woke up before we start eating and the first thing I said awake was 「いいな、ロマンス。」

きっとまだ 終わらない夏が。。

Nope, summer is over and I shouLd have written this post 2 weeks ago.

See, every time I’m back from anywhere I’ve gone to I’m supposed to write something about the peopLe I met there, but this time I’m not as inspired as before because the majority of peopLe I was with were feLLow Indonesian and I’ve known some for a Long time.. Except three super genki Japanese grannies and a coupLe of guys from Vietnam.

Let’s just say this trip is one that couLd break a friendship.


Dear Chester, 

I’m sorry, I’m not as strong as I cLaimed to be. I stiLL cry myseLf to sLeep and I’ve eaten 3 chocoLate bars every day since Friday.

But I’LL get through this. With your heLp, of course.

Keep you in my memory

I first know Linkin Park when *I thought* I was going through the hardest time in my (short) Life. Since then, their music has heLped taught me to fight, to persevere, to compromise, to sacrifice, and to Let go. To stand strong. ActuaLLy, it stiLL does.

But today, just for a whiLe, pLease aLLow me to break down and weep.

And then I’LL rise up again.


What the heLL is happening 

My notification and emaiL has been fLooded by these nonsense since Last night


I’ve trashed a dozens more before I decided to screen-cap them.

Has this ever happened to anyone reading? WiLL this be dangerous to my account and emaiL? (besides the annoying fact that I have to moderate every singLe.. incoming?)

You can’t have cake and eat it, too

Three weeks ago, my cousin texted me, telling me about a single brother of her friend.

Fast forward to a few hours Later, he – Let’s call him IRE – and I agreed to meet up.

Fast forward to a few more hours Later, everything had gone quite peachy, but there is one single, conspicuous physical flaw about him.

He’s an Arab.


I know, I know, I shouLdn’t generalize all Arab (descents) as asshoLes Like Saudi men, but stiLL..


I’ve past my quarter-century crisis but this is like reading into my own future

“Nothing is working. Nothing in my life is working.

Giants of literature, philosophy, and arts have influenced my life, but what have I done with this life? I remain a speck in a tumultuous universe that has little concern for me. I am no more than dust – a mote – dust to dust. I am a blade of grass upon which the stormtrooper’s boot stomps.

I had dreams, and they were not about ending up a speck. I didn’t dream of becoming a star, but I thought I might have a nonspeaking role in a grand epic, an epic with a touch of artistic credentials. I didn’t dream of becoming a giant – I wasn’t that delusional or arrogant – but I wanted to be more than a speck, maybe a midget.

I could have been a midget.”


– Rabih Alameddine, An Unnecessary Woman