Why did I do these.

  1. I impuLsiveLy bought a return ticket to Tokyo for November 2016.
    WeLL, I’ve been dreaming about ceLebrating my next birthday in Japan soLo, so.. yeah. Saving Craze must start now.
  2. I impuLsiveLy booked a non-refundabLe hoteL for my trip to Turkey next month.
    I thought it’s a free-canceLLation booking. Turned out it’s not. WeLL, at Least it’s a better deaL than the previous booking, and breakfast is incLuded. Fingers crossed the hoteL’s not too bad.

Bite the buLLet, don’t puLL the trigger, hoLd tight.

I don’t hate One OK Rock’s Cry Out. But I don’t Love it either. My first reaction after I heard it was “Whew there are a LOT of stuffs going on here” and not aLL of those stuffs are good.
That’s what I think about the MV, which was reLeased earLier today.

After watching it for the nth time (sorry, Mr. Boss (^o^;) ) a crazy and stupid idea suddenLy popped inside my head. I mean, the pLot of the MV is actuaLLy simpLe but unfortunateLy it was crowded with unnecessary things Like too many repetitive sLow motions and gLimmering things, so why don’t thicken the pLot aLL the way and deveLop it to be a movie story? Haha.

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RoLe PLaying

Warning: PICSPAM

Surprise! A Miss Universe NationaL Costume post before the crowning! Maybe because there are some good stand outs, and surprisingLy no bad or outrageous stand outs except Canada (and one other). And whiLe perusing this year’s offerings, suddenLy a crazy idea popped up in my head (that’s why I’m not going to start by ‘anaLizing’ Indonesia’s costume Like usuaL).


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I’d take you wrapped in ribbons and nothing eLse.. aka PLease be the father of my mother’s grandchiLdren

So, in my Last birthday my mother made a not-subtLe-at-aLL hint that it’s about damn time I find a man, find a cLeric and and a stateman, and make it officiaL to make babies. The probLem is, currentLy I am not interested in any man near me. The onLy ones who couLd get me excited are either too far out of reach or simpLy fictionaL.

Like Diego Bunuel.

Diego Bunuel

After watching a few episodes of Don’t TeLL My Mother, Natasha BeddingfieLd’s I Wanna Have Your Babies aLways ring in my head every time I see this man. He’s muLtiLinguaL, so at Least he couLd teach the kids French and Spanish. He’s adventurous, obviousLy, so I guess he wouLd have tons of fantastic bed time stories to teLL the kids (Like “Have I ever toLd you about CoLombia/Iran/Congo/Lebanon/Pakistan/Russia?”).

And then, enter Tom HiddLeston.

WeLL, the first time I saw him he was a super villainous, mischievous demigod with some daddy issues, but I think he couLd just be the most adorabLe charming man on the pLanet. He has THAT smiLe and THAT incredibLe Laugh. He’s got kiLLer dance moves he couLd teach the kids to keep them active and in shape. Many peopLe said he is one of the nicest, kindest man they have ever met. And I aLways have this crazy imagination he wouLd read Lots of Shakespeare for the kids in bed.

But, the one thing that finaLLy, finaLLy set my ovary on fire is this:


And here’s RaLeigh Becket.

Heartthrob: It's not hard to see why Charlie Hunnam got the role of Raleigh Becket in the movie

Yes, yes, I know he’s not a reaL person. Now excuse me whiLe I ogLe Hunnam’s abs for a minute. Or two.

Hunnam’s abs aside, I seriousLy think RaLeigh Becket wouLd make a fantastic father. He’s kind. He has a big heart. He wouLd support the kids to be their best. He couLd teach the daughter(s) a thing or two about seLf defense. He couLd teLL the son(s) the vaLue of buiLding something. He wouLd be the famiLy’s Loudest cheerLeader.

So there they are. Do you think my mother wouLd approve? :p


Warning: PICSPAM

First, I just need to ask: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS YEAR’S MISS UNIVERSE NATIONAL COSTUME ROUND???  I mean, from aLphabet A to K, I just wanted to scratch the Leather on the armchair. ThankfuLLy, it gets somewhat better. But stiLL, I hate Indonesia’s costume even more than Last year’s costume.

What is this, a peacock Reog? I don’t think Indonesia is speciaLLy weLL-known for peacocks. Komodo dragons, yes. But jeez, whatever Foundation organizing Indonesia’s participation in Miss Universe shouLd stop empLoying those costume makers from SoLo/Jember Batik CarnivaL. Hate.

I’m quite heartbroken because Kosovo is not participating this year.. Their costumes were aLways good! But oh weLL, on with the rest of the Likes, in aLphabeticaL order.

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SouL CaLibur

Even though today is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday, I’m feeLing a LittLe.. souLLess today. So I think I’LL just do something ‘Light’ and ‘quick’.. Answering Tina’s Liebster Award questions! Hee hee.


  1. Are there any trashy music/books/movies you like? What is it?   Eh.. If anyone think Japanese one-voLume shoujo mangas are trashy, then I’m guiLty 😀 (BUT they are quite usefuL as Japanese reading materiaLs.. You know, to keep my Japanese up.. *excuses excuses*)
  2. If you could be a character in any fictional book/movie, who would you be?   I want to be a girL who had a LittLe magic and piLot a giant robot in Hayao Miyazaki’s worLd. And I want to have an orange taLking cat who couLd transform to a giant cat-carriage and fLy to take me everywhere as a pet.
  3. Is there anything that you are currently collecting?   I’ve been coLLecting movie tickets since 1999! I have cLose to 500 movie titLes now, and I’m damn proud of them, because my other coLLections are just.. dust :p
  4. Is there anything that seems like only you like? What is it?  The coLor orange. I mean, I know some peopLe who Like the coLor, but they don’t Love it, aren’t obsessed about it as much as I do.
  5. Would you rather live in your home country or overseas? Why?  I’ve never Live overseas Longer than two weeks, so now I stiLL want to TRY to be an expat.
  6. What kind of books/movies do you gravitate to, ones that seems that have a happy ending or one that is tragic?  There was a time when I instantLy deemed books/movies that made me cry ‘good’. But sad endings kinda depress me. A LittLe optimism wiLL do much good, I think, Like The FauLt in Our Stars and Pacific Rim (yes, yes, am stiLL Loving it). Both successfuLLy tear me up – quite hard –  but made me feeL strangeLy optimist and happy in the end.
  7. Do you believe in aliens?  Anything is possibLe. Who knows? The truth is out there.
  8. In your opinion, would it be possible for people to live in space in the near future? If yes, how? Would it be on another planet, like how we live now, or would it be inside spaceships?  Yes it wouLd. I do hope it wouLd. Maybe in a coupLe hundred of years (if kingdom come is not coming in another miLLennia) humankind wouLd have been abLe to buiLd a gigantic space fortress. Then once they found a suitabLe pLanet and had finished terraforming it (and dipLomating with the indigenous race), maybe we couLd have a second Earth.
  9. Do you ever wish you were born after or before your time? Why do you feel that way and what time would you like to go to?   I DON’T want to be born after my time, speciaLLy in the 2000s. I once I reach aduLthood my eyesight wouLd be even worse than now, what with the tabs and the pads chiLdren these days keep staring at.
  10. At what time do you think should one start to live independently?  Once one enter coLLege/university, which I didn’t get to do 😦
  11. If you could have one super power, what would it be?  The power to start proper kind of conversations at any given situations so I wouLdn’t have more awkward siLent moments.

A ridicuLousLy Long post — showered with Sunshine and Love*

So a few days ago a senpai from Uni who runs my favorite entertainment review bLog ajirenji mindstream reviews nominated me to participate at The Liebster Award and The Sunshine Award. At first I thought  I got ‘awarded’ because maybe I am the most annoying commenter (or commentor? commentator?) on his bLog, but nope, after a LittLe digging around, The Liebster and The Sunshine are aLL about – to put it simpLy – recommending and connecting bLoggers by giving and answering random questions. Or, it is a bit Like those random questions note-tags back in my heydays on Facebook :p

This is fun 😀 😀

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Golden Fish Slumber Story

I have a new habit: constantLy checking RED channeL on cabLe TV to see if there’s a Japanese film pLaying. A habit that have introduced me to two gems — Fish Story and Golden Slumber, both directed by Yoshihiro Nakamura (which, I think, is a genius who had an exceLLent taste in music).

Fish Story  

Fish Story is about an underseLLing punk  band recording their Last aLbum in the 70s, and the band beLieved that one of their song wiLL save the worLd. Fast forward to the year of 2012, a comet was making it’s way to pLanet Earth. In between those years, a boy met a girL had a boy saved a girL saved the worLd. Everything is somehow conected – a La Touch, but with more humor and Less numbers.

GoLden SLumber is about an everyday man faLseLy accused of a bomb expLosion that kiLLed Japan’s prime minister, so he had to run from the authority and prove his innocence with the heLp from peopLe from the past and the ones he just met aLong the way. Once again, I think, everything is kinda connected – a La Touch but with more heart-warming moments and even Less numbers.

Both are wrongLy biLLed as ‘sci-fi’ (Fish Story) and ‘action thriller’ (GoLden SLumber). Why I said wrongLy, is because the thing that made them good are the humanistic drama. Both showed that -to put it simpLy- Life can be good if we are connected to peopLe and things around us. Both made me beLieve that the worLd is a better pLace than what it reaLLy is, in a way Japanese fiLms had mastered so weLL. Both made me think that even the smaLLest thing we had done couLd cause a big impact on someone eLse. And both are charming fiLms.

TaLes from miLLions

So this wiLL be a Long bLog post with nothing originaL contained in it.

This morning my twitter timeline was flooded by retweets from Neil Gaiman. Turns out, he is coLLaborating with BLackBerry, tweeted a dozen of questions related to each month of the year and he said he will try to make a story based on his followers’s answers (to find out more, just Let the man himseLf expLain about it) . Some are downright hiLarious, some sad, some wise, some hit the nail right into the head.

Here are the questions and my favorite answers – as retweeted by @neilhimself .

(I am stiLL torn between including my own answers here or to make an entire new post from it.. ShouLd I? ShouLdn’t I?)

#JanTale         Why is January so dangerous?

@asleepyfrog >> It carries all the expectations of the coming year, and all the regret of the previous.

@atlveg >> Because of the frogs.

@niesputri >> Because I met him

@MuseKnit >> January is the month of Faoilleach, or Wolf Moon, the full moon that comes on Friday and goes on Tuesday.

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2012 of my Life

So I was browsing through Apartment Therapy’s My Tech Top 10 and suddenLy got inspirations to make a post about my Life in 2012. I know, weird. And 2012 is stiLL going on for 2 more days.. But I figure I’LL do it now or never.

So, if you wanna know, here are the highLights of my 2012, in no particuLar order (just because they’re numbered, it doesn’t mean that Number 1 is the BEST best thing that happened in 2012, it’s just because it’s the first thing that popped out of my mind)

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