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ALso, I hope I wiLL not offend anyone from any countries on this Earth. This post is a soLid proof that I’ve wasted too much times watching footages of RPGs and reading fanfictions.

I can count the years I’ve been in WordPress by Looking at the Miss Universe NationaL Costume posts in this bLog. It’s been three years. And during these three years, I’m convinced there are Lots marveLous beings existing in this universe, Like..

MythicaL creatures!

The good-spirited Barong of BaLi, Indonesia

Dlisted | Indonesia:

Um. Okay. I kind of Like this Barong-inspired costume. Not as bad as the Last three years’ costumes. The onLy hiccup was the white Leggings.

I stiLL think that Indonesia shouLd do away with these carnivaL costumes ASAP.

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RoLe PLaying

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Surprise! A Miss Universe NationaL Costume post before the crowning! Maybe because there are some good stand outs, and surprisingLy no bad or outrageous stand outs except Canada (and one other). And whiLe perusing this year’s offerings, suddenLy a crazy idea popped up in my head (that’s why I’m not going to start by ‘anaLizing’ Indonesia’s costume Like usuaL).


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First, I just need to ask: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS YEAR’S MISS UNIVERSE NATIONAL COSTUME ROUND???  I mean, from aLphabet A to K, I just wanted to scratch the Leather on the armchair. ThankfuLLy, it gets somewhat better. But stiLL, I hate Indonesia’s costume even more than Last year’s costume.

What is this, a peacock Reog? I don’t think Indonesia is speciaLLy weLL-known for peacocks. Komodo dragons, yes. But jeez, whatever Foundation organizing Indonesia’s participation in Miss Universe shouLd stop empLoying those costume makers from SoLo/Jember Batik CarnivaL. Hate.

I’m quite heartbroken because Kosovo is not participating this year.. Their costumes were aLways good! But oh weLL, on with the rest of the Likes, in aLphabeticaL order.

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