What the heLL is happening 

My notification and emaiL has been fLooded by these nonsense since Last night


I’ve trashed a dozens more before I decided to screen-cap them.

Has this ever happened to anyone reading? WiLL this be dangerous to my account and emaiL? (besides the annoying fact that I have to moderate every singLe.. incoming?)

You can’t have cake and eat it, too

Three weeks ago, my cousin texted me, telling me about a single brother of her friend.

Fast forward to a few hours Later, he – Let’s call him IRE – and I agreed to meet up.

Fast forward to a few more hours Later, everything had gone quite peachy, but there is one single, conspicuous physical flaw about him.

He’s an Arab.


I know, I know, I shouLdn’t generalize all Arab (descents) as asshoLes Like Saudi men, but stiLL..


Ambitions first impression

So. Another One OK Rock post, I’m sorry, but I just couLdn’t resist.
If you haven’t heard One OK Rock’s Latest aLbum ‘Ambitions’, go away. Or read on, if you’re curious, or whatever.

Here goes..

Ambitions  >> This may be the most boring intro track by OOR so far

Bombs Away >> Do they reaLLy need this much effects and autotune? Oh yeay Japanese lyrics!

Taking Off >> This is Like RADWIMPS’ Zen Zen Zense. Not a bad song, but too generic to be called OOR’s better song. Other bands with lower quality and level could make this song their good song, but this is definitely not OOR’s better song.

We Are >> I can see why some people said this song “speaks to me in a spiritual level”.  The ‘feels’ reminds me of Clock Strikes, and Nobody’s Home too, but musically it’s still inferior to both. And, NHK 18sai Fes version is still the best.

20/20 >> What was that?

Always Coming Back >> I’ve come to appreciate this song.

Bedroom Warfare >> Livin’ La Vida Loca is giving me a major headache.

Lost In Tonight >> I think this has some potentials, but Taka sounds drunk.

I Was King >> When am I when am I gonna kill this feeling of dread whenever I heard OOR is going to release something new?

Listen >> I’m more interested with the behind-the-scene story of this song. How did Toru react when Avril’s in? XD

One Way Ticket >> If they pLay this song Live and I happen to be going, I wouLd just stood there awkwardly, not sure what to do.

Bon Voyage >> What the hell is this mess? And who’s singing?

Start Again >> Oh this is quite good. Just Lose the O-o-oh.

Take What You Want >> I reaLLy need to pee.

*toilet break*

Secret Track >> Like the intro, this may be the most boring Secret Track by OOR, BUT this is hands down the best track of the entire aLbum.



I think what I wrote in 35XXXV first impression post couLd be appLied here, with sLight modification:

Okay, from the generaL popuLation point of view, stoicaLLy speaking, this is a good pop rock aLbum from One OK Rock aLthough they couLd tone down the production and effects. And I think they shouLd beef up the Lyrics. I can see tweens and middLe schooLers digging this, but the band wiLL face stiff competition as there are thousands other western bands thand sound more or Less the same (with stronger Lyrics, I guess).

PersonaLLy speaking, this is NOT a good aLbum from One OK Rock. I hate this.
I might Love this if this had been reLeased 10 years ago.
HonestLy I am quite surprised that I find myseLf preferring 35XXXV than Ambitions. But I just.. I feLt so reLieved when Start Again started (weird sentence) and I finaLLy found a non pre-reLeased song that I Like. I was aLmost bored Listening to the other songs. I’m sad because of that.

WeLL this is onLy the first hearing. Maybe some other songs wiLL grow on me over time. Who knows.

I’m ending this post with a quote from a reviewer on Amazon Japan:

グッドバイワンオクロック。 ハローただのグッドバンド。


Abort Mission!

The titLe of this post was quoted from my BFU when I toLd her I was to go to another mission with Subject.. Let’s just caLL him R1.


R1 is a notary who had worked with Mrs. Z, one of Her Mothership’s gaziLLion friends (I don’t even know if I have ever met Mrs. Z. If I had, I can’t even recaLL what she Looks Like). Mrs. Z advertised him as a highLy eLigibLe bacheLor with a steady income, but he’s extremeLy shy. HM toLd me Mrs. Z toLd her that R1 consuLted Mrs. Z for a week before he started contacting me.

The resuLt of that consuLtation?
A stream of annoying texts with various incorrect speLLings of my name and fLooding me with sad faces emojis if I didn’t text him back ASAP, a coupLe of DIY Ed Sheeran covers, and a barrage of seLfies in a poLice car.
So I siLentLy toLd him to go to heLL.
And eventuaLLy he stopped. My Life was peacefuL again.

For a few months.
UntiL Mrs. Z kindLy butted in again, urging us to meet, through Her Mothership.

So the stream of annoying texts with various incorrect speLLings of my name and fLooding me with sad faces emojis if I didn’t text him back ASAP returned.
OnLy this time, he said “Look, I know you’re pushed to do this, so am I. Mrs. Z won’t stop buggering me about you.”
Poor him. So I agreed, just to ease our mutuaL annoyances.

On the way to The Mission, Her Mothership kept saying I have to be nice, don’t be too coLd, yada yada yada. She even asked me to ‘bring’ him to meet her.
SERIOUSLY HOW WEIRD WOULD THAT BE. I mean, we both didn’t want to do this, so if I ‘took’ him to my mother he wouLd think:
a. “Hey, maybe she likes me.” (are there any throw up emojis in WordPress?)
b. “Oh great it’s her mom now I have pressure from both sides.”
So I said NO WAY to Her Mothership, and off I went to The Mission.

The foLLowing things happened:

  • He kept repeating how annoyed he was by Mrs. Z taLking about me (seriousLy though, which one is this Mrs. Z and what does she know about me besides I’m singLe and Her Mothership is desperate to marry me off?)
  • He doesn’t know how the Food Court Table Law works.
  • He insisted to ordering food for me.
  • He doesn’t eat meat.
  • The conversation died a few times for periods far too Long to be comfortabLe. And I was trying to be nice and chatty.
  • He sLightLy pushed me to go to a sport shop, and caLLed and texted me everytime I was out of his sight.
  • After it was over and done with, Her Mothership is giving me the CoLd Shoulder treatment because.. I don’t know..? For not bringing him to meet her?

ConcLusion: Mission Aborted.



Oh, things. You know, Like my cat, my fictionaL boyfriends, and vacation time.

Last Sunday I went on another Mission.
The Subject is a son of Her Mothership’s friend. Appearance-wise, he’s not repuLsive-Looking and at Least a bit taLLer than me. ConversationaL skiLL, good.

But then he asked: “What’s your passion?”

What the fuck.
Is that The Question of The Decade to ask to anyone you’ve just met for the first time?
Am I weird if I got super pissed off if peopLe poked their noses on my passion?
Is this a job interview?

Yeah, I know I stiLL don’t have any cLear idea what my passion is, so probabLy that’s why I’m so pissed.
But seriousLy, does everybody ask about it whenever they meet anyone for the forst time? Or have I been Living at another dimension? 

Let’s pack up and go – maiden voyage with Ethnotek Raja Pack

Ethnotek sneaked into my radar in.. 2013? The company have a noveL idea of sourcing traditionaL textiLes made by their partner artisans from Ghana, GuatemaLa, India, Indonesia (from SoLo, I might have to Look them up) and Vietnam to use as Thread. Oh just read about them here.

Anyway, their Raja pack 46L has been haunting my bag dreams since then and I finaLLy got my hands on one (with Indonesia 14 Thread) a coupLe of weeks ago and this weekend I packed and traveLed with it for the first time.


All packed

I forgot to mention that the main purpose of this post is just to record my packing, didn’t I? The pictures here were taken right after I got home, so the pack was at it’s fuLLest and heaviest condition. With wet swimsuits and toweL.

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You know the way back

I swear I have never intended to turn this bLog to be a One OK Rock bLog, but those boys are currentLy ruLing 80% of my brain, so.. Here it is, another post (rant) about One OK Rock. SpecificaLLy, about their ‘new’ aLbum 35XXXV Deluxe Edition. If you ask what’s the difference between the ‘originaL’ version and the ‘deLuxe’ version, the simpLe answer is the Lyrics in the originaL are 20% Japanese and 80% EngLish, whiLe the DeLuxe Edition is 99.8% sung in EngLish.

So, as I’ve done previousLy with the ‘originaL’ 35XXXV, here’s my first impression of 35XXXV Deluxe Edition.

Note: This is written whiLe I streamed the aLbum for the first time on Altpress. I have bought the physicaL CD (FINALLY ONE OK ROCK CD IS OFFICIALLY AVAILABLE IN INDONESIA PRAISE GOD) but have not found the strength and enough wiLL power to Listen to it. Even posting this takes days.

WARNING: may contain too much cursing and CAPS LOCK for your Liking

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悲しくて ただ単に辛くて

EarLier today One OK Rock (management) announced the dates for their 2016 Asia Tour and since then my pLayList is dominated by You’ve Broken My Heart – Mighty Long Fall – Heartache in no particuLar order.


Yep, they’re skipping Indonesia.
Insert every crying-bucket-of-tears Line stickers I own here.

ObviousLy there are a LOT of WHYs thrown around, pLus some hystericaL bLaming games. I don’t want to make the water murkier, but since this is MY bLog, pLease aLLow me to throw in my two cents on the “why wouLdn’t One OK Rock come back to Indonesia”.

WARNING: this is going to be Long and fuLL of winding non-sense shits.

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Found this on Facebook, watched it, and the first thought that popped in my head was “I wonder what peopLe wiLL say if they see my face.”

My face is much much much much more acne-prone than Em (the brave v-Logger in the video) and nowadays the onLy makeup I wear are just Loose powder and Lipsticks. PeopLe do comment on my acne, but I guess I’m fortunate that most of them means weLL or worried, or just too poLite to say what’s reaLLy in their mind (except my parents, of course).
But then again, I have never post a picture of my whoLe bare face on the internet.
To be honest, the first time I saw the video, I was cynicaL and think this wouLd be just a.. kind of “gLorified reason to wear makeup to cover your fLaws” video. But after watching it again I feLt ashamed of thinking that way, because then I’m just the same with the dipshit wonkers who posted the hate comments. So, the message I got is: GirL, you have the right to be beautifuL in whatever way you choose, bare-faced or fuLL-faced. If today you can’t give a fuck about the foundations and conceaLers, then fuck’em. If tomorrow you’d have enough of those acnes staring back at you from the mirror, those foundations and conceaLers are stiLL going to be there. And fuck what other peopLe say, for no matter what you do they wiLL ALWAYS find a way to bring you down.

Let’s just sing together with Christina AguiLera.

CoLd and hungry and haLf pissed-off

So much for a famiLy dinner.
This is more Like, “You go eat first, I’m still on the way. Order something for me, I’m starving” and I’d be in Limbo because as aLways I don’t know what you’d Like, and then you’re coming when everything is aLready coLd and you’d be compLaining because the food is coLd whiLe I’d be suLking on the phone.
And don’t forget about the other one who keeps eating my food and not ordering anything.

Fuck. I shouLdn’t have thought this wouLd go smoothLy anyway. ShouLd have gone out with my friends instead.

Stay aLight. Stay aLive.

I’m seriousLy doubting myseLf now. Zero confidence at aLL.

The case: as per March 2015, I was transferred to a newLy estabLished department that deaLs with.. very important stuffs in my company with constant contacts with the Bosses. I had a new boss, a kind and seemingLy competent woman, even though she’s panicky at times. Long story short, we were supposed to be preparing for some routine projects when yesterday she sent a resignation emaiL to HR, after a week Long absence from office (for understandabLe personaL reason).
ConcLusion: I was Left aLone to do aLmost everything with next to zero understanding on what I’m supposed to do.

WeLL, I do get some advices and inputs. But I’m scared to do them because I’m afraid I might do something out of Line. Like, okay I have the baLLs, but I’m afraid I might bounce them too high or spin them too fast. I mean who the fuck am I to emaiL the President Director with “Please review and advise”? I’m just the snotty, stupid girL with zits who wear orange everyday.

A part of me just want to run. A few days ago my mind was in a daze thinking of my upcoming trip to Japan (in just a few days!). And then, BAM. I know I have to do this untiL the Last minute, and then board the pLane and wave またね see you in two weeks. But I’m afraid that peopLe wiLL see me as irresponsibLe, fLying off and Leave things unfinished Like that. And what’s going to happen when I get back. Ergh. This is not a one time thing. This is routine project, so this feeLing wiLL occur to me again and again and again and again.
However a part of me aLso want to survive and hang on, just to see if eventuaLLy I couLd be (at Least) decent at this.

But right now, I’m just having a very bad case of seLf-doubt and Low confidence.


Repeat. And repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

Too much noise

At night, there are Lots of noises in the house. Lots of human voices taLking. But rareLy those voices beLong to me or my parents.
Some (or most of them) nights it wiLL go on Like this:
Once he got home, my father wiLL immediateLy turn on his Laptop downstairs, Log in to his favorite on Line jazz radio or whatever syiar channeL he fancies atm, connect the Laptop to externaL speaker and crank up the voLume.
My mother, cLaiming the noise is too much for her, Lock herseLf in her room. Me, being LaptopLess at the moment, try to watch tv/read a book/whatever.
One or two hours Later, F wiLL come upstairs with his two smartphones, one bLaring a jazz tune from it’s speaker, the other bLaring Quran verses – aLso from the speaker, whiLe the Laptop downstairs is aLso stiLL bLaring whatever it was set to disturb my poor ears. Then F wiLL grab the tv remote and tune to his favorite channeL.
I can aLso hear the sound of tv from M’s room, usuaLLy set to that heaviLy biased news channeL owned by the Indonesian congLomerate who drowned thousand homes in hot mud.

And they wonder why I never taLk to them at the house.

35xxxv first impression.


  • To anyone who have not Listen to One OK Rock’s 35xxxv, GO AWAY.
  • This may contain too much CAPS LOCK for your Liking.
  • To everyone who’s been reading this bLog for a whiLe, yes, this is another One OK Rock reLated post. Sorry..

So the day I’ve been waiting in part excitement and part dread have finaLLy come. The reLease day of One OK Rock’s 35xxxv. Some peopLe get their physicaL CDs yesterday and opinions are scattered on Twitter and TumbLr, and reading them SCARED me. But finaLLy I steeL myseLf, empty the head from any expectations and Listened to it. So here goes..

Embedded image permalink

Trippy Lights made Taka feeLing trippy and just too bright for Tomoya.

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Watch “10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman” on YouTube

A few days ago I saw this video

10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman: http://youtu.be/b1XGPvbWn0A


Yesterday I went to a HaLLoween festivaL with a friend, MP, at a park not so far from our office. We decided to get out at around 7 pm, when peopLe in costumes were just starting to come. At the parking Lot, we passed through a CLark Kent & Wonder Woman coupLe. Then I heard some men (Like, drivers and whatnots dickheads) saying things Like: “this Halloween thing is awesome, we don’t have to watch porn we can just hang around here and see some hot chicks!”
Low Life dickheads.

A few minutes Later when MP and I were passing a row of cars queing to get out of the park compLex, a (pretty nice) car roLLed down it’s window and a guy hoLLered “hey baby! Hey sweetie!”
MiddLe finger was out.

The video on the top was criticized because it edited out the white men (and priviLeged, or at Least middLe cLass). But reaLLy, I think every singLe men (and women, yes) on this pLanet stiLL have this.. stupid ceLL in their brains to judge other peopLe’s appearance. It’s inevitabLe, we wiLL aLways judge peopLe. But some of us are stiLL poLite enough to not say it aLoud and do other stupid things based on that judgement. Some others deserve the middLe finger.